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Why 97% of People Quit Network Marketing Researchers have estimated that only a mere 3 percent of the entire population of network marketers succeed in their quest. It takes great willpower and marketing intelligence to become successful in this very competitive field. Discussed here are some of the few things which can lead to failure for entrepreneurs who consider venturing into this field for the first time.

Lack of hopeful vibration even when faced with adversity

Network marketers trade hope which means that consumers are attracted to how they sell their dreams more than any other thing. People tend to buy up into the anticipation or dream of an enterprise but show little interest with regard to showing commitment towards the said system. Budding promoters start up with utmost optimism but soon lose the drive to succeed if results are not forthcoming as per their time frame expectation, which is usually very minimal.

It is sad to say that many of us are lazy in the sense that the ‘have it right now’ mentality takers full course and when results don’t show up overnight, one is left with no other option but to quit the noble course to the business’s downfall. Success is within your grasp if you just take time to fully understand how MLM businesses works and plant the right seeds, then wait for them to grow with regard to pulling up the most numbers of interested participants.

Another thing you need to do is treat the MLM enterprise as if they were in fact a real business. Due to the subsidized entry fee many people have quite a hard time considering their particular MLM enterprises as a real time commercial venture. To find value in what you have done, treat it as though you’ve invested a whole $250,000 and not only $250. This way you will ensure that the venture is a success and not something that will later be regretted.

Persistence is a must

A conventional business usually takes an average of 5 years before it starts to register any meaningful profits. It makes little sense to quit the MLM enterprise after a mere 2 months from commencement as you’ve not yet given it the time to mature into something more meaningful; and you will have thrown away the initial $250 starting capital. Every business passes through a period of setbacks and what differentiates a failed enterprise from one which is successful is how an entrepreneur is able to bounce back when faced with operational adversities.

Remember not to take any rejects on a personal basis, as this will hamper your capacity to grow. You only need a few individuals that are ready to run with you on the long race towards success, rather than 1,000 people who will keep on complaining but show no real commitment towards success. If you’re one person who jumps over from one particular program to another simply because the first didn’t earn you cash within your expected time frame, then chances are high that you will never succeed in whichever future business undertaking into which you venture.

Annetta Powell
Your Professional Success Coach

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