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Is Organo Gold a Scam?


Organo Gold advertises itself as a healthy alternative to the regular coffee based on the fact that their coffee is infused with the organic herb Ganoderma Lucidium. It is one coffee with a great taste, due in part to its premium ingredients, and is healthy as well because of the use of the powerful and beneficial Ganoderma Lucidium.



Organo Gold Marketing Strategy


The company has implemented the MLM (Multi Level Marketing) module for promoting its products, which incorporates network marketing as a major chunk of their marketing strategy. A lot of people planning to venture in to entrepreneurship, therefore, join Organo Gold to profit from their beneficial marketing programs.


Is Organo Gold Compensation Plan a Scam?


With Organo Gold, the distributors work like an in-house sales force, and thus, are compensated on various levels. The distributors are rewarded for referral marketing and network marketing. So with Organo Gold, the distributors do not only earn for the sales that they themselves generates but also for those that are generated by the affiliate recruits they bring in to the network.


What Makes People Think Organo Gold a Scam?


If someone has suffered a loss or is not making s much money s they predicted, the Organo Gold company or its products are not to be blamed. Instead they should not forget that for any business risks are inevitable and one wrong turn can sink your whole business. Especially, if it is a new business you are bound to make a lot of blunders and thus, lose out a few bucks here and there constantly.


In the light of the above fact, it is clear that Organo Gold as a product or as accompany is not a scam whatsoever. In fact, they not only offer a great business opportunity for aspiring businessmen but also provide the whole world with a healthy alternative to their second most highly consumed beverage i.e. is coffee.


Network marketing is a complicated marketing strategy, which has its own rules for making it a success. The reason why Organo Gold has been called a scam is that a lot of people fail to understand the intricacies of this marketing method, and consequentially their business takes a downfall. And then they become the followers of the common mindset that when all fails, instead of realizing their own mistakes people say “it is a scam”.


There have been myriad examples of successful network marketers with Organo Gold. The fact that few distributors lack the business acumen and do not take heed of the training material that the company provides them and also fail to call in the support of the company, which eventually leads to their failure, does not make the company or its products a scam.


To work and succeed in a MLM model you need to put in a lot of hard work and patience, with times your efforts pay off as you credibility is built amongst your target market. That is only when substantial revenue generation takes place, and profits start streaming in.


Thus, the grapevine that Organo Gold is a scam is a myth and nothing else! If you are still convinced that Organo Gold a Scam, check out the eight levels of Organo Gold compensation plan here.

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