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Organo Gold Organic Green TeaThese days, green tea is undeniably becoming a more popular drink in the West where black tea is traditionally preferred. It is not a surprising trend at all because people nowadays go for healthy products. With all the disease viruses and bacteria surrounding us, who wouldn’t want to maintain a healthy lifestyle?


Just like you, I am also a huge fan of green tea. Known as a rich source of anti-oxidants, I choose it better than red or black tea. Good thing, I have tried Organo Gold Organic Green Tea. Yes, you read it right, even Organo Gold came up with its very own Organic Green Tea!


Organo Gold Organic Green Tea Review


Organo Gold Organic Green Tea


What makes Organo Gold Organic Green Tea stand out from the rest of the green teas out in the market is that it combines the soothing and flavorful character of green tea with the health benefits of its infused 100% Organic Ganoderma. With this incredible combination, no other green tea in the world could ever surpass the health benefits that it can give you at such affordable prices – only $7.95 for 4 sachets and $32 for 25 sachets.


Taking a sip of Organo Gold Organic Green Tea provides me the healthiest dose of antioxidants ( check out my detailed article about recent studies on Ganoderma Lucidum mushrooms and the health benefits) that work perfectly for me. I am such a busy lady, we all know that, and Organo Gold Organic Green Tea just gives me what I need. Notice the energy and the bubbly aura and the optimistic spirit in me when I do my videos and perform my webinars? I owe it to this wonderfully and exceptionally-made Organo Gold Organic Green Tea!


If you haven’t been to my live webinars yet, check out one of my YouTube videos below for the proof of Organo Gold Organic Green Tea energy level and aura



Who would tell that there are days in a week when I just get little hours of sleep because I had to work really hard? It doesn’t even show in my face because indeed, the antioxidants found in green tea and the wonders of Ganoderma Lucidum extract works hand-in-hand in giving me a healthy mind and body and a very positive disposition. So, what else can I say than back off fatigue and diseases, because consuming Organo Gold Organic Green Tea is the health-tea-est habit that I will never ever break!

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