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Taking control of how you show yourself is what personal branding is all about, which is critical given today’s increasingly competitive environment. Learning how to build your personal brand with brand values that will set you apart from competitors.

Your personal brand should emphasize your skills, highlight your presence, foster trust, and explain the distinct qualities that make you a valuable addition. Your personal brand, if well-cultivated, will show your employers whether or not you’ll be a good fit for an available position.

Developing a personal brand might seem like an impossible endeavor. And not knowing where to begin is one of the reasons why one may get trapped in the process. Here are 10 tips to help you build a genuine personal brand while advancing your profession.


1.      Self-Discovery

To establish a personal brand that effectively reflects your personal and professional identity, you must first go on a self-discovery journey. After some introspection, make a list of your own strengths and flaws and decide what you want to put out to the world.

Ask yourself:

  • What inspires me?
  • What qualities have people praised me for?
  • Which roles tend to sap my energies the most?
  • Which tasks can I work on for several hours without being exhausted?

You may select how to effectively brand yourself after you’re more informed of the many aspects of your personality.


2.      Define Your Target Market


Even while focusing on your personality holistically, personal branding must be customized according to your objective: attracting recruiters, entrepreneurship, or social activism. The earlier you identify your audience, the simpler it will be to construct your narrative. You’ll have a better idea of what kind of message you need.


3.      Research Your Target


The objective of developing a personal brand is to stand out. Still, you can’t get there without first assessing who’s already there. Find out the leaders in your relevant field. Research about them on the internet to see whether they have blogs or other places where they share their ideas.

You will get to know what they like, their preferences, and their values.

Did you know 92% of recruiters look for prospects with a significant social media presence? If your aim is to attract a recruiter, you must work to achieve it.


4.      Strategize Personal Branding


As time advances, you will grow, and situations and opportunities around you will evolve. When establishing your personal brand, it becomes essential to envision what you want your future to look like. Plan small milestones to achieve every month while also having a long-term aim. This will help you strategize and build your brand as you progress.


5.      Be Genuine


Wanting to seem unique is good, but you mustn’t develop an unreal personality to achieve it. Deceptive conduct may be seen right through.

Be sincere, and it will make managing your own brand daily much easier. Before launching a brand image, perfect your expertise, talent, or profession. The material you create will then serve to emphasize who you are.


6.      Be Consistent


A great way to display sincerity is by being consistent. If your personality and story constantly fluctuate, you will fail at creating a solid brand image. People will be confused and might question your credibility or genuineness.

A great way to show consistency is by having a catchphrase or a dressing style – anything that, with time, people start to associate with just you!


7.      Work on Brand Visibility


You must be noticeable for the viewers to be aware of your brand. Being online is the most effective way to attract publicity. Having your own webpage may serve as a portfolio and boost your reputation. You may also utilize social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to strengthen the brand presence. The posts you share, your comments, and your likes can say a lot about your brand.


8.      Prepare an Elevator Pitch


People do not have a lot of time to listen to elaborate stories or experiences before they judge you. You can prepare an elevator pitch that consists of your personality highlights – everything the person should know under 1 minute.

The elevator pitch must be customized as per your audience and objective. This might mean you’re seeking a new job, so your pitch must tell the expertise in that particular field or how you have lately enhanced the worth of your present department or firm.


9.      Get Endorsements


Glowing reviews attesting to your expertise, diligence, and timeliness can help your business gain credibility and confidence. Request endorsements from your past and present bosses, coworkers, and clients on your blog and business social networking sites like LinkedIn.

Tell them to give specific instances of the job or tasks you completed for them. While endorsing you, they might also emphasize your abilities and competencies.


10. Build a Community


People should be able to discuss their difficulties and find solutions through your blog or social media profile. As a result, individuals may exchange and learn from one another’s experiences. Once people start depending on you or trusting you for a particular matter – that is when you can say that you have built a brand.

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