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You’re exhausted, irritated, lacking self-motivation, and filled with self-doubts – sometimes as if you’ve plunged into a never-ending hole of darkness and misery.

“You can do this!”

Four words you would often tell yourself to pull yourself together and reach the finish line. So many times, this personal development strategy will motivate you enough to complete a task. Times when you find yourself struggling and unable to muster the required energy.

While the phrase can work like magic, you can’t help but wonder if there are techniques to achieve self-motivation. The ultimate mantra that finds you the motivation and retains it. Here are a few secret tips that may guide you through the dark tunnel you often end up in!



1.      Recognize your motivational factors


What works for others will not necessarily work for you. The most crucial part of finding ways to motivate yourself is identifying factors that will encourage, inspire and energize you. Your motivational factors can be an ultimate goal, your children, competition with your friends, or just the fact that you want to prove yourself.


2.      Set out with a clear mission


If you do not have a vision of your ultimate aim, it becomes very challenging to work. Knowing your target helps you identify the path you want to take to achieve it. It acts as a constant driving factor that aids you in completing tasks.

You might find the work you are doing monotonous or meaningless. Always keep the bigger picture in your mind.


3.      Do not procrastinate


Once you start delaying work, you will never find yourself actually doing it. Eventually, it is too late, and you end up with a lousy job done. Once you have a task, immediately start doing it. It is always better to complete it early than hastily do it on the last day.


4.      Create deadlines for yourself


Without a proper deadline, you will never find yourself encouraged enough to complete it. Remember how when we were young, we would cram the entire syllabus in one night for the test tomorrow – a task that seemed impossible over a whole week.

This is because having deadlines push us. And this push is exactly what we need to find motivation.


5.      Segment larger goals into achievable tasks


“Lose fifteen kilograms” can be the goal of a person trying to lose weight. But setting such a large goal for oneself can be quite intimidating. Instead, try to segment it into doable tasks. Start small and give yourself smaller targets that help you eventually move towards the larger mission.

Inculcate a walk in your routine. Fix your diet. Start exercising regularly.


6.      Do not burn yourself out


While it is good to set targets for yourself, remember not to overburden yourself. Do not give yourself too many tasks or goals that are unachievable. This can result in constant stress and anxiety that will prevent you from completing even the most minor tasks.


7.      Minimize distractions


Analyze your work environment and see if you have created a space with distractions that might keep you from concentrating. Observe yourself and eliminate objects that pique curiosity or interest within you while working. The most common thing is often one’s mobile phone. Most of us end up opening Instagram or Snapchat even when piled with work.

I am sure you relate with that ‘work selfie’ or a picture of your workstation.


8.      Steer clear of multitasking


People are under the incorrect impression that multitasking is a strength. Multitasking results in an improper allocation of your energy and a lack of focus on any of the multiple things you seem to be conquering. It is always better to do less work but quality work.


9.      Stay optimistic


Having constant negative thoughts can demotivate you to the point that you do not feel like trying again. Ensure that you always see the good – even when things aren’t supposedly going your way. Find little ropes of hope and latch on to them.


10. Initiate a system of rewards


A reward does not have to be anything significant. Taking a short walk, ordering yourself a good meal, or even taking a nap can count as a reward. Let’s say you are studying for a big test. You can motivate yourself by initiating a system where you sleep after you do two chapters. After completing five chapters, you get to go out with your friends.

Give yourself something to look forward to, and you’ll find yourself working at twice the speed!


11. Keep good company


People often say that a person is an average of five people they hang out with the most. This is because spending time results in people bouncing off energies from each other, eventually amalgamating into one single block of energy. Hence, there lies great importance in choosing people that resonate with positivity and help shape your mindset.


12. Find leaders and mentors for inspiration


Having a mentor can broaden an individual’s outlook on a whole new level. You have a person you can look up to – someone you can help and guide you. Choose a leader or a mentor whose life and experiences inspire you.


13. Always be grateful


When you cannot complete a goal, you will find yourself degrading yourself, people around you, and even the system in general. People do not realize that this does nothing but make you pessimistic. See the light amidst the darkness and be grateful. Count your blessings and use the resources you have to the best of your abilities.


14. Monitor your journey


People tend to be critical of their accomplishments. Instead of focusing on their achievements, they would rather sulk about what they cannot achieve. This approach often derails a positive mindset. You should continually closely monitor your journey to have a sense of where you are right now and how far you have come across from the starting point.

Check your progress and appreciate yourself for the growth – no matter how minor!


15. Learn from your mistakes


Get rid of the idea that there is anyone free of mistakes. Mistakes and errors are a part of life. However, it is upon you to see how you can use them for a better tomorrow. Do you want to stop and regret the decisions you made yesterday? Or do you want to use those mistakes to improve the life ahead?


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