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Imagine coming up with a brilliant concept but being unsure about bringing it to life. Even when you have the relevant education – the lack of experience, especially in entrepreneurship, can be very perplexing. In such scenarios you could need a business mentor to assist you in determining what is best for your business.

You can study all the books in the world and feel like you have researched everything there is to know about. Without someone there to listen, criticize and guide, the journey can be pretty difficult.

Because of the chances of increased criticisms, many people argue that you should not seek a mentor. This is simply because they feel that one should learn to follow their instincts and make their own decisions.

Mentorship, however, doesn’t stunt personal growth as they presume. On the contrary, the support it offers allows you to unlock your hidden potentials and motivate you to achieve more than you aspired to be.

Among a plethora of explanations, here are three of the most significant reasons why you need a mentor!



1.      Strategic networking


It’s critical to know the appropriate individuals to advance your career in the direction you desire. Knowing the relevant people, however, is easier said than done. Here is where the mentor helps. Naturally, the person you choose to be your mentor is more experienced and must have specific contacts in the world you are hoping to tap into.

Therefore, a mentor can steer you in the proper networking route faster and more effectively than your own independent research could. They might also directly connect you with people you need to network with to progress in the chosen career path.

With the right networking, you will find people willing to invest in you and get closer to your targeted consumer base!



2.      Advice and guidance


It’s not always easy to acquire unbiased, trustworthy career guidance. It’s much tougher to determine that the individual giving you advice is looking out for your best interests. In a mentor-mentee relationship, you can trust that the job guidance you receive is sincere and well-intentioned. It’s even more valuable because it’s backed up by decades of work expertise.

While every person likes being their own boss, there are times when you need someone to point out your flaws, help you correct those flaws, or even appreciate you in the absence of any.

A mentor is much like a light within a dark tunnel regardless of what profession you choose or what point of your life you’re at. It may not pave the path for you but will surely assist you in reaching the end. It’s technically just a tool, but the provision of having one and knowing when and how to use it is usually half the journey.



3.      Different perspective


It’s not always easy to discover objective and reliable career advice. It’s much more difficult to understand if the person providing you advice is looking out for your best interests. Having a mentor can change that. You can believe the job advice you receive in a mentor-mentee relationship because it is natural and well-intentioned.

When you are making a decision – any decision – thinking about it countless times often leaves you puzzled. You end up analyzing it so much that you miss details and make mistakes. Here the role of a mentor as an external viewer and presenting their own perspective becomes critical.

Mentors provide unbiased perspectives on essential topics since they play a neutral position in your life. Mentors offer advice based on their previous experiences and believe they are the best fit for your situation.




Having a mentor has a significant and far-reaching impact. Once you’ve discovered the right mentor for you, it’ll be one of the most important connections you’ll ever have and perhaps the most crucial in your career. It will also unlock your true potentials, provide you with advice and external criticism, helping you make better decisions.


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