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Have you ever felt like there are days when your list of things seems never-ending or there aren’t enough hours in the day to complete them? You want to be more productive, instead you’re constantly being overburdened with tasks and worrying about them can lead you to burnout.

For an entrepreneur, for example, it might be difficult to prioritize one work above another when starting a firm and managing its numerous moving pieces.

Therefore, increasing your productivity levels is imperative, especially considering cloning oneself is not an option. If you are wondering if there is a way to successfully balance work and personal life without constantly feeling exhausted, here are 3 things to must do!


1.      Maintain a daily master plan


Your life can rapidly turn into a disorganized mess without implementing a proper structure. The first step to becoming productive is to know precisely what you are aiming for. Make a list of things that need to be done and set individual deadlines for each.

When you have prepared a master plan that consists of the goals you set to achieve by the end of the day, break them into little tasks. Looking at an entire list can become very daunting. To prevent panic and anxiety, try completing separate steps.

When you finish the smaller increments of a larger responsibility, it gives you a sense of accomplishment. You get motivated to keep moving without feeling stressed.


2.      Make a timed schedule.


Making a To-Do list is futile if you do not set a schedule for it. Prioritize the assignments you have and place them into time blocks. For example, 10:00 to 11:00 workout and 11:30-12:30 investor meeting.  This way, you concentrate on one activity at a time throughout each block and disregard everything else. It allows optimal efficiency and guarantees that you complete all of the day’s most important tasks.

However, the main challenge is to create a schedule that complements your brain’s functionality. When you set deadlines and time restrictions, keep your personal productive times in mind. Some people are fresh early in the morning, while others prefer their sleep and stay up all night.


3.      Do not overburden yourself.


While it is recommended that your master plan must always be achievable, there will be days when the list of things to do will keep on increasing. Amidst this chaos, however, you must also maintain your sanity. Remember to schedule brief but frequent breaks while accomplishing these activities. It will not only help you stay less frustrated, but it will also give you greater clarity, motivation, and tenacity as you work.

It’s also natural to jump from one activity to another when you’re tugged in a thousand ways every day. Multitasking, however, is no less than a myth. Projects are left unfinished, or mistakes are produced due to simple oversight. Staying concentrated on a single work until it is completed guarantees that it is completed to the best of your ability.

In these circumstances, it’s wiser to delegate the duty and focus on what you can accomplish and where you’re most needed. Some jobs are better suited to someone with different skills and expertise. Other times, you may be the best candidate for the job, but there isn’t enough time in the day, or you’d have to sacrifice your health to get everything done.




We all wish to take a pill and have endless mental capacity and vitality, but unfortunately, that is not yet possible. To live a healthy life while having a successful career can get draining, but it is achievable. Try to stay productive and choose paths that lead to a positive attitude about your job, such as delegating, creating daily objectives and time blocks.

Always remember that you are just one person, and in this case, everything gets too demanding for you – just unplug. What’s most important in any scenario is YOU!


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