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When you initially establish a business, you probably have a vision of how you want it to operate and the outcomes you want to attain. To succeed, you need a brand based on a thorough understanding of your company.  You might be doing everything right. Still, sometimes the result isn’t what you anticipated because of common branding mistakes.

The question is how you do you know your branding is wrong?

Staying faithful to your brand is a regular act of upkeep and the little choices you make daily. It’s difficult to tell whether you’re doing it right, but here are five obvious branding mistakes sending signals that you’re not.


Inquiries from the wrong people


Customer support and maintaining relationships are an integral part of any company. Receiving a direct message or email is tremendously thrilling. It’s easy to presume that every customer is a good one. However, you should always pay attention to who is reaching out to you.

Ask yourself if they suit your target demographic. If you discover that most of your inquiries aren’t relevant, you’ve got a significant problem. Your branding isn’t functioning if you’re targeting the wrong individuals.

As a result, you will waste time attending to queries that won’t get converted to successful buyers. What’s worse is that they will further attract the wrong demographic, putting your company at a considerable disadvantage.


You are unable to answer the ‘Why’ behind every decision


Whether you employed someone or created your own branding, you should understand why it turned out the way it did. Each and every element is a choice. Introducing random components can mess up your brand image and message.

If you can’t explain why you went with Calibri rather than a Serif or why your color scheme is colorful and chirpy, your branding may lack a strategic approach. Branding that isn’t accompanied by a plan is ineffective.

You might be communicating the incorrect message and attracting the wrong people if your branding does not match what you do.


Lack of consistency across marketing platforms


A consistent appearance across your site, social networks, published marketing materials, and everything you use to sell your business will benefit you greatly. Your consumers and future clients will come to link your brand with a specific combination of colors and a fantastic logo.

We’re not suggesting you can’t promote with colors other than your brand’s, but make sure your colors are prominent in your campaign. Using a single color scheme consistently throughout your logo, goods, digital content, and marketing material may increase brand awareness by as much as 80%.


Lack of goals


Another vital sign of wrong branding is the absence of goals and objectives. You may be suffering from a lack of brand vision if your goals are abstract or imprecise, such as “make more revenue” or “pay off Mr. ABC.” 

Make an effort to set goals. Any brand vision should be based on a timeframe since goals must be time-bound. In addition, the plan must be closely related to the organization, reasonably achievable, and quantifiable in smaller chunks.


You are not satisfied with yourself


Before going into detail on this topic, it’s crucial to note that great branding must not always appeal to its owner. After all, you’re trying to attract other people, not yourself.

Nevertheless, the fact is that you are the business expert. No one knows and understands the company as you do. Your decisions or disapprovals might not always have a reason. 

You should always follow your intuition if something doesn’t seem right. Even if a designer provides you with their best idea, go with your instinct.

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