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Work at homeMany people dream of financial independence which means that they will finally get to spend more time with their families and do other activities that they enjoy as well. Even though this has proven to be a mirage for very many people, technological advancements have brought a whole new perspective for this picture.

The introduction of the internet has enabled many people to work at home while at the same time giving budding entrepreneurs the chance to run their own small business from home as well. This is a great way to work, as you will always be close to your family apart from the convenience factor that you from which you will also benefit.

There is freedom in working when you want, as you do not have to commute in order to get to your workplace at given hours. This option has proven to be very popular among many professionals and business owners who want to spend quality time with their family while still earning. This entire concept however has downfalls that most people who indulge in it do not initially consider.

Family life is usually very demanding and if you are not careful when working at home, you may end up not getting any work done at all. It is therefore very important to ensure that the time allocated for work and family is well balanced, so that you do not neglect any one of them.

When you want to balance the time that you allocate for each in the most effective way, you will be required to create a schedule that you need to follow strictly. This means that when it is time for work you should not engage in other family activities and vice versa. It is important for your children and the rest of the family too, understand the reasons that lead to your choice of working from home.

Most family members do not actually understand what this process entails and they might not see the seriousness of the situation unless you clear it up for them. When you are still in the process of explaining this to them, be sure to tell them about the benefits that you (and the entire family as well) will get when you are not disturbed while working at home.

Emergencies are not usually expected and this does not mean that you should not attend to them. It is however more effective to arrange with the other family members on the course of action to be taken during emergencies, so that the whole burden is not placed on you as you are the one who is readily available. In addition to this, it is also advisable to get house help to assist you with the chores of the household so that you do not get distracted by them. Balancing the time you spend on your work and family is not an easy task, especially in instances where you work from home, even though it is possible with adequate and proper planning.

Annetta Powell
Your Professional Success Coach

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