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People who understand the importance of goal-setting are able to reach the top of the success ladder way earlier than others. Some of them have built their businesses, completed higher educational degrees, or earned their first million before they hit 30. While these young, successful individuals are rejoicing about the fruits of their labor, there are some others who still live from paycheck-to-paycheck, have numerous debts, are not able to continue their studies, and definitely are envying the success of people they know. Honestly, in which group do you belong to?


Life is short. I’m sure you’ve heard of this countless times. Now, this shouldn’t be just an adage that goes in and out of your ears. This should be your reminder – something that tells you how limited your time is to just put it to waste. Never put your dreams on hold! Just when you think that your life is still ahead of you, you will realize how much time you have wasted and how little time is left for you to cultivate.


Young, successful people are able to ask themselves life-changing questions early in their lives. Because of this, they are also able to seek answers to these questions sooner than everyone else.


What kinds of life-changing questions should you ask yourself?


It is essential to ask yourself important questions that can definitely change the quality of your life. This way, you can immediately seek for the answers, which will bring you to where exactly you want to be.


1. What do I see myself becoming?


Knowing what or who you would like to become will definitely give you a sense of direction.


2. What are my dreams and aspirations?


Your dreams and aspiration will serve as your motivation. These will fuel you to do better, to become better.


3. How will I be able to achieve my dreams?


It is not enough that you know what you want to do and who you want to become. You must also be able to create a life plan. Enumerate ways and means to achieve what you want. This way, you will not be overwhelmed by the big picture. Taking it one step at a time will make your journey to success much easier and shorter.


4. How long will I work for the realization of my dreams?


You also have to set a deadline for your dreams. This will keep you focused on your goals. Often, having time restriction keeps you moving. By leveling your priorities, you know which ones you must work on firsts.


5. What progress would I have 5 years from now?


It’s easy to say that in 5 years, you already have this or that. What’s difficult is working towards it day in and day out. When you laze around thinking that you have 5 long years to become what or who you want to become, the chances of you ending up nowhere and still a nobody are pretty high. So, when you say that in 5 years you will have your first million in your bank, mean it; focus on having it.


6. What are my top 5 priorities?


All of us may want a number of things at the same time.In reality though, it is often hard to achieve all that we want in life altogether. This is why it is important to identify the levels of your priority. Number your priorities and work on each accordingly.


7. Do I want to be an employee forever or do I want to establish my own business?


This is absolutely a question worth asking. Do you want to live your life forever as a corporate slave or do you want to be your own boss. When you choose the former, face every consequence. When you decide to take a leap of faith and be your own boss, do whatever it takes to achieve it. Do not ever turn back.


8. What are my strengths and skills?


Knowing your positive sides can help you weather every storm that you may encounter along your journey to success. Your strengths and skills will come handy should the need arise.


9. What are my weaknesses?


Likewise, understanding your weakness can also be of utmost importance. When you are able to identify your weaknesses, you are also able to work on each. It also means that you still have room for growth; that you can still do and become better.


10. What are the qualities that I need to work on to ensure that I have what it takes to become successful?


Lastly, you need to identify the qualities of successful people and copy their ways. Learn from them. Their qualities led them to success, and it is certain that by possessing such qualities, you will soon become successful too!


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