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Organization is a huge part of owning and running a successful business. Here are some of our best tips to help fellow entrepreneurs stay organized in 2022.


Creating a To-Do List Weekly and How to Use It


It’s inevitable to drown in deadlines and lose track of most of your work if you don’t keep yourself organized. It happens to the best of us. Being organized is very important, and it not only helps one meet deadlines and stay on track but generally enables the individual to achieve all their personal goals. Hence it’s a skill that bears benefits in every sphere of life.

Staying organized, however, is something one must keep working at and putting extra effort into. After all, success is a result of long-term planning and daily action.

This begs the question; how can you stay organized?

There are many ways to stay organized, such as:

  • Managing your time well
  • Setting priorities
  • Delegating tasks
  • Reducing clutter


To-Do Lists Work Like Magic


The best way, however, that enables you to manage multiple things at a time and make the whole process a lot easier is making lists or planners. A type of list you can make is a to-do list, and that can be made on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

It allows you to review your daily priorities and keep a check over what needs to be done. It is one of the most efficient and popular productivity tools and one of the best ways to organize your life.

There are several ways of keeping your lists in check. The most basic method is to keep a pen and paper, or you could use digital alternatives. Some online applications that people prefer using are Microsoft To-Do, Google Task, Remember The Milk, Trello, etc.

A trial-and-error method can be used to figure out which method works the best for you, and then you should stick by it. The idea of a to-do list can be quite cathartic for some people because the ability to cross tasks off a checklist at the end of the day can be quite satisfying.

Applications or software that enable you to visualize your to-do list makes this aspect even better, for instance, Trello. This is a collaboration tool that makes it fun and super easy to organize your tasks.

The most effective to-do list is one that is made weekly. It gives you an overview of a brief period such that allows you to plan each day accordingly. A daily to-do list doesn’t give you an overview over a long period so, it might be too specific, and a monthly list covers too many days, and it is often impossible to accurately plan days so ahead of you. Therefore, a weekly list makes the most sense, and it allows you to accurately plan at least 7 days of your life altogether.

A weekly to-do list should be roughly 15-30 items long. Ideally, one should aim to complete around 3-6 tasks daily, depending on which day requires more productivity. Your weekly to-do list should have enough to challenge you but not overwhelm you.


Tips for creating the best weekly to-do list


  1. Making an unrealistic list will not help anyone. You should set targets you know you’ll be able to achieve or at least can push yourself to achieve. Therefore, be ambitious but not unrealistic.
  2. Larger tasks would be more time-consuming, so be careful while scheduling these and be realistic about the time each task would take.
  3. Dedicate the number of hours you would be working for in a day and spread all work-related tasks over that time.
  4. Make your goals more manageable by breaking them down into achievable tasks. They will no longer be as intimidating this way and would also make the process easier for you.
  5. The list should include all relevant information needed to complete a task. If, for instance, you need to meet your boss for a work meeting, mention the time, date, and place, so you don’t get anything mixed up.
  6. A time estimate should be mentioned for all the tasks, so you know the duration under which each task needs to be done. If you don’t allocate time, you’d probably be spending too much time on one task and not having enough for another. So, to avoid mismanagement, ensure that you allocate time to each task and then try your best to follow through on that.
  7. Your list can also include breaks, so you don’t take unnecessary and unscheduled breaks that completely disrupt your routine. While it may be slightly intimidating to do that, it makes the whole process easier. So, if you can afford to take an hour-long break for lunch, mention that in the list so you don’t stray from the track.




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