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Ever wondered why you choose to do things a certain way? Why do you make specific decisions that guide your happiness and confidence? It’s time you knew that these choices are driven by your values. When you discover your core values helps you know yourself better. It gives a sense of purpose and helps attain fulfillment in life. Discovering your values and living by them improves decision-making so you can achieve your goals faster.



5 Ways to Live by Your Values


Here are 5 ways that show how you can live your life in alignment with your values.


1.    Determine Your Core Values


The first step to living in alignment with your values is to figure out what they are. Remember, your values are not an outcome of external pressures, i.e., what people think you should adopt. Instead, they reflect your priorities in terms of life.


According to researchers at UCLA, stress responses are lowered due to personal value reflection. This means analyzing and then writing down your core values can immediately improve your quality of life and act as the best motivator.


2.    Evaluate Decisions in Light of Your Values


Once you’ve clearly defined what personal values you need to live by, it’s time to put them into action. Let’s say you have to decide between two potential jobs. This is where you think about your core values and use them to choose what’s best for you.


Your values will determine which position will be more suitable, thereby bringing more contentment to your life. According to Harvard Business Review, core values help focus on what is more important than urgent.


3.    Work on Various Aspects of Life


Core values are adapted and integrated into all aspects of life, be it work, home, relationships, or religion. This means you will have to expand your scope of observation and look at all areas of life to determine how your values are being incorporated.


Your success will lie in:


  • looking at things objectively and accepting them without judgment
  • recognizing patterns of happiness associated with decisions, and
  • identifying what decisions cause stress and how values factor into them.


These tips will help you assess fundamental areas of your life as you work your way to align your life with personal values.


4.    Question Judgements that Don’t Align with Values


Just like examining decisions in light of values is essential, questioning decisions that fall out of alignment with their values is also integral.


This does not mean you stress yourself into taking a decision that doesn’t feel right. Instead, think again about the values you stand for and if you’re willing to change them. Remember, values are subject to change over time as you mature.


Therefore, if you feel that a particular value is more applicable in a decision, it’s time to re-evaluate your core values.


5.    Reaffirm and Recommit


Your values are a constant reminder of who you are as a person and what you are working towards. Hence, committing to them and living life by them will be more meaningful for you.


Having to live by a core set of values can sometimes become straining. Here’s what you can do to ease the process:


  • create an action plan to practice your values regularly
  • think about small actions that are easier to do and then work your way to bigger ones, and
  • journal your thoughts.


Final Word


As you proactively start incorporating values into your life, you will soon gain momentum and confidently channel your purpose through every action you take. Following these tips will help you attain the confidence and contentment you need in life.


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