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business website Ever been in a situation wherein you’re having second thoughts on keeping your blog because it costs you money monthly but you don’t get anything from it? Do you really know how to monetize your blog at all? Well, put on a happy face and let me tell you about the components of a successful and profitable website.


There’s a lot of simple, no cost or low cost measures that a small business owner or entrepreneur can do to increase web exposure, traffic and make more sales.


  • Know the purpose of your websitewhat is your website for? Is it used for selling products or services, hand information or showcase projects? If you sell books through your website, you just have to include only one or two pages to the whole site, a description of the book, and a link to “purchase now”.


  • Make your visitors stay and act – you have to decide on what you want your visitors to do in each page of your website. Make the content of your website clear and easy to understand.


Keeping a simple yet attractive and engaging website is the key to attracting more visitors and getting profits from your products and services. An easy-to-navigate website is not only user friendly but is also beneficial in a way that you don’t confuse and scare your visitors away. For more information on the components of a successful and profitable website and more internet marketing tips, subscribe to my blog.

Annetta Powell
Your Professional Success Coach

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