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You may have all the required skills, expertise, and knowledge needed to accomplish a task or follow a career path, but having a mentor can make the journey a lot easier. A mentor is basically a guide that overlooks and assists through your journey in the form of instructions, opinions, appreciation, or even criticisms.

Mentors give a secure environment where you can learn, explore, and ask questions, no matter how silly they may appear. Mentoring improves employee engagement and productivity in the workplace. In the field of entrepreneurship, mentorship helps budding firms stay in business for longer and become more successful.

In short, it is impossible to overestimate the value of mentors. Here are a few reasons that will answer your question and justify mentorship!



To get inspired and motivated


A mentor may provide a fresh viewpoint on an issue, especially if the mentor is from outside your company. Mentors can not only teach you from their own experiences, but mentors who have worked in various firms and sectors can also provide new and distinct ideas.

For example, a competent mentor might advise a mentee on how to:

  • cope with a new employer
  • cope with your manager’s leadership style
  • motivate you to expand your business, and
  • inspire you to create and innovate new products.




To gain knowledge


You may have years of education, bachelor’s or masters, or even a Ph.D., but the knowledge gained from experience is unmatched.

The more senior the mentor is, the more solid their understanding of the company will be. And that can help a mentee in achieving their objectives. The mentor can pass on knowledge gained on the profession over time and knowledge and corporate expectations or rules, all of which will aid the mentee’s long-term success.




To have someone you can be accountable to


Some people may argue that there are professions, such as entrepreneurs, that people choose just for freedom and independence. Then why will they need a mentor who requires accountability from them?

The accountability involved in mentorship is different. No mentor will curb the growth and development process of their mentee. However, having someone who keeps track of your updates can help you succeed. Mentors assist mentees in focusing on what they need to do to progress their careers by identifying goals and making incremental tasks to get there.




To get feedback


Regardless of how confident you are, your decisions may lack finesse. You need someone to give you feedback to know whether an idea is working. You might wonder you can ask for feedback from your fellow colleagues, family members, or even friends. But the truth is, there is a chance that the person may not want to hurt your feelings or does not possess the skills needed to act as a critic.

Not only will a mentor stop you from making incorrect decisions, but they may also provide you with honest criticism to help you uncover weaknesses that are preventing you from achieving long-term development, such as:

  • poor decision-making
  • communication
  • presentation skills
  • time management
  • work and personal life balance.




If you’re a mentee, you might feel compelled to share all of your successes and disappointments. This may seem frightening or intimidating as a concept. It doesn’t have to be that way, though.

Mentoring doesn’t have to be a huge commitment; even a one-time interaction can help you advance in your profession. A dialogue with a mentor may help you uncover new prospects, expand your mind to new possibilities, provide advice on managing the job, and be an essential part of your professional goal-achieving path.

Coming back to the question – why do I need a mentor? In the end, only you know the answer to this and what you hope to achieve out of a mentorship program. The real concern is to know the answer before approaching someone and asking them to be your mentor.



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