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As you find yourself in the midst of selling your property, you will need to put in your best effort to attract potential buyers. Executing the staging of the property properly can work wonders for you, enticing a large pool of buyers instantly.


A study from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) reveals that 77 percent of buyers consider it easier to visualize their future home through a staged property. With such numbers at stake, you must bring your a-game forward while ‘setting the stage’ for buyers.


3 Things to Know About Staging a Property


Staging a home allows buyers to envision themselves in a neutral setting to make an informed decision while buying property. With multiple factors contributing to the process, here are 3 important things you should know about staging a property:


1.    Your Preferences Don’t Matter


It’s true! While you may consider your aesthetic sense one-of-a-kind, it may not always matter while staging your property. The process of staging is curated to:


  • Fit universal needs and appeal
  • Attract the best kind of buyers
  • Focus on classic silhouettes and more neutral hues


This means your design style or preferences do not have a specific role to play when staging your property. Instead of letting your instincts guide the staging process, it is better to let a professional stager handle things.


A professional home stager is equipped with knowledge on:


  • General demands and requirements of buyers
  • Depersonalizing the property to make it highlight the home’s best features
  • Ongoing trends concerning aesthetics


A 2019 study by NAR concluded that according to sellers’ agents, home staging shortened time on the market and boosted the ultimate selling price of properties. Therefore, hiring a professional to perfect the process of staging your property can inevitably be a wise investment.


2.    Create an ‘Unused’ Image


Ever wonder what makes furniture or home decor places so inviting and appealing? The answer is simple: they erase anything remotely mundane in their settings. So, every time you step into ‘Pottery Barn’, you can’t help but feel mesmerized.


This is one of the techniques you will need to employ while staging a property. There is something about organizing things to make them appear brand new so potential buyers can fantasize about using them.


To create an ‘unused’ image, you must remove any signs that give away how the house has been used. This includes:


  • Putting away personal items (Photographs, fridge magnets, clothes)
  • Concealing any used utensils or cooking ware
  • Hiding laundry detergents, Towels, etc.


By doing so, you will be able to transport buyers into a world where they can fall in love with the space and daydream about their future life.


3.    Don’t Underestimate Negative Space


Decluttering is one of the best things to focus on while preparing to stage a property. It makes your property more open and inviting for buyers. Even the most organized homes can benefit from adding more negative space.


Negative spaces allow properties to look larger and more appealing. This inevitably:


  • Increases the value of the home: Less clutter gives buyers the impression of how well-maintained the house has been over the years.
  • Emphasizes Symmetry: Leads buyer’s eyes to central features of a room and avoids distraction, highlighting the absolute best the property has to offer.
  • Boosts Neutrality: A de-cluttered space would mean less furniture and more open space, making the property neutral and consistent.


Final Word


While staging a property can appear to be an extended procedure of putting your house on the market, it can yield amazing benefits. With these 3 things in mind, you will surely excel in staging your property.

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