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Are you looking for ways to add curb appeal to your flip project? When flipping properties, you’re always looking for ways to grab potential homebuyers’ attention while also getting the biggest return on your investment. A lot of times investors will neglect the outside of their property to save money for bigger renovations—like in the kitchen or bathrooms when in reality they can do both.

If your flip budget is tight, it can be difficult to prioritize exterior renovations over more glamorous projects that may offer a greater feel-good factor or are more of a ‘necessity’. But in the long run, paying attention to your house’s facade can have both aesthetic and practical advantages. And the best news? It doesn’t have to break the bank.

So, whether you want to make some major or minor exterior home improvements to your property flip, adding curb appeal is often a cheaper way to make your house look better and simultaneously worth more.


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What Enhances Curb Appeal the Most?


A radical exterior makeover can transform an unattractive home into a prime property. Alternatively, you might want to reevaluate the front yard and substitute elegant topiary or crunchy gravel for wild paving and weeds. 

On a smaller scale, there are a number of improvements that, whether it’s a new set of steps or a front door made of shiny oak, will make the exterior more appealing and give buyers a reason to smile when they walk up to the home.


1: Make an Investment in a Front Porch Renovation 


In addition to providing a warm welcome, a new front porch will increase a property’s value and curb appeal while also adding usable living space.

Think about how buyers should intend to use the space first. Most of the time, an open porch is just a roof that’s attached to the outside of the house. It gives you shelter and a place to store chairs, shoes, or a grill perhaps, but it doesn’t necessarily protect you from the weather.


A Mini Extension vs. A Built-In Feature


A mini extension to your property’s front is a fully enclosed structure. It has a visual impact and can be heated, insulated, and double-glazed to add a new, useful space to the home. 

Another option is to incorporate a porch into the house’s footprint, though this may reduce floor space. Take into consideration the proportions before making a final decision; For instance, a large, enclosed design on a small house will appear out of place.

Choosing a porch that complements the property is crucial, especially if the house is close to other homes. This usually involves using the same materials, but in some cases, contrasts can work well. Always keep in mind that the porch roof should match the house’s style for overall design cohesiveness.


2: Installing a Driveway 


Adding a concrete driveway to your property will not only give residents a place to park their vehicles, but it will also increase the value of the property by as much as 10% while giving it that all-important curb appeal. A property’s value, desirability, and appeal are enhanced by having off-road parking and an appealing exterior.

Consider how much space you can spare if you’re building a new driveway rather than replacing an asphalt or concrete one. Consider the exterior or front yard walls of the property when selecting materials because matching them will result in a more pleasing overall appearance. Where rainwater will go is another important consideration at the outset.


Gravel vs. Paved Asphalt


Gravel, also known as aggregate, is a popular option that is most frequently associated with country homes. Because rainwater will seep into the ground below, it improves drainage. The scrunch element will make you aware of guests, so it’s great for security and it’s quite possibly of the most affordable choice, as well.

If you like the look of traditional paving, permeable paving is a good choice because it was made so that surface water can flow between the blocks into a sub base and naturally drain away, eliminating the need to install a drainage system.

Since the stones in resin-bound permeable driveways are not loose, they’re a neater alternative to gravel than natural aggregate driveways. It can be laid over an existing asphalt or concrete driveway, but it’s more expensive and will require maintenance.


3: Update Your Front Door 


With a stylish and secure front door design that improves a home’s curb appeal, you can make a great first impression.

Thermal efficiency and durability are the most common deciding factors, but keep in mind that style details can also benefit the home. For instance, if your entryway is dark, it makes sense to choose a door with windowpanes that let in the much-needed light. A solid door, on the other hand, might be a good option if you have large windows and want added privacy.

The best way to add curb appeal to your flip here is to select a door design and color scheme that accentuate the property. To get an authentic feel, it’s worth doing some research because even the smallest details can make a big difference.


4: Install Gates and Railings


Make sure your front garden gates and railings are stylish and secure to get the most out of your curb appeal.


Metal Gates & Railings: New & Restored


Metal railings and gates help define the appearance of an outdoor space, which is much more than just a safety or security feature. Wrought iron, which is still a popular choice today alongside steel and aluminum, was the material of choice for the earliest designs, which date back to the 15th century.

There are numerous businesses that provide restoration services if your property has original metal gates and railings. Depending on the requirements, their services range from a straightforward cleaning and minor adjustments to the fittings, latches, and hinges to a complete overhaul. Additionally, there are specialized businesses that are able to take molds from the originals and recast exact replicas of them using recycled metals when there is too much damage to allow for restoration.


Custom Gates & Railings


Going bespoke is preferable when it comes to design. A lot of businesses will offer a completely tailor-made service, which includes assessing the home’s layout, assisting with design, manufacturing, and installing gates and railings. Surprisingly, it frequently proves to be the most economical choice as well.


5: Design A Stylish Front Lawn 


A modern home’s stylish front porch has a smooth path that leads to a green door. If you want to make the front yard look nice and inviting, give your thoughts for front yard walkways and flower beds serious consideration. The best front garden designs create a welcoming entrance to a home by combining attractive planting with practicality.


Finding, Fixing, and Flipping Properties


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