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Looking into making some new real estate investments?

Even though the world is constantly evolving due to technology – one of the things that remains unaffected is the basic need for shelter. Regardless of your financial status, you require a roof over your head at all times, followed by a pressing need to upgrade from time to time.

This is why real estate remains a profitable industry, with many people stepping into it with the hope of rearing some of that fruit. However, just because it’s a lucrative domain does not mean that every beginner will know its way around it.

If you are a rookie venturing into real estate investments in 2022, here are some of the secrets you must know:


Location is of primary importance


A property cannot be judged merely on the exterior structure, layout, or design. What elevates any property is where it is located – be it residential or commercial.

Housing property assessments are heavily influenced by closeness to schools, greenery, hospitals, and the town’s reputation. On the other hand, commercial property prices are heavily influenced by proximity to marketplaces, warehouses, transportation hubs, highways, and tax-free zones.


New construction isn’t always better.


New housing often has lower prices, customization options, and modern facilities. However, you need to be prepared for delays, higher expenditures than anticipated, and the unknown variables of a freshly constructed area. It might seem like a gold mine from far but don’t forget to factor in the uncertainty that comes with it.

Existing units provide the ease of quicker access, pre-existing amenities, and, in many situations, reduced pricing. It may not tick all of your boxes, but it is safe. When investing, weigh the pros and cons of taking a risk before investing.


Do not treat it like a hobby


Given the heated property markets around the country, you would assume that everyone earns a substantial profit. However, some real estate investors have fared far better than others. What is the reason behind this?

Some investors approach real estate investments as an additional revenue stream and don’t give it the required attention. Treat real estate investment like a proper business to succeed.


Target a specific market


The real estate market is vast and segmented according to locations and finances. Find where your interest lies and explore that realm.

First, make a good strategy with attainable goals. Then to achieve your short and long-term objectives, select an investing plan and specialization. Remember that you cannot be the jack of all trades. Pick a specific market and then research the current economic trends such as consumer spending, employment and population growth, and development.


Calculate your anticipated cash flows


Never dive straight into projects without doing your due diligence. Develop projections for your investment either yourself or preferably by a professional.

You should consider the following things:

  1. What is the rental income that will result from the property?
  2. Do you foresee capital appreciation in the future?
  3. Will making modifications to the project increase the property’s value?
  4. When and how will the property’s depreciation give you tax benefits?
  5. What is your long-term objective for a particular investment?


Tread carefully around loans


Loans have the potential of becoming a substantial potential obstacle in the real estate journey. Make sure you know how to deal with these types of loans, so you don’t end up with a lot of debt or what’s known as “over-leverage.”

Liquidity constraints combined with excessive debt commitments can derail real estate ventures. Ensure that your mortgage plan aligns with your financial capacity and do not haste into settling for high-interest rates. Take your time and shop around in the financial market until you get a favorable deal.


Possible price surge


Due to the pandemic and the financial crisis that followed, a decline in real estate purchases was observed. This was also courtesy of the property market being shielded mainly from a significant increase in pricing, which may have been fueled by international investors meddling in the marketplace.

Once things return to normal, which they seem to be on the path of, the prices will go up! I hope you are prepared for that.




No secret can decode real estate for a rookie – the tips above can, however, give you a little insight about what you may encounter. The industry is multi-dimensional and complex. Make sure the decisions you take are backed by evidence and research. Once you step into the industry, the experience will teach you the rest! You might make some mistakes; what will always matter is how you bounce back!

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