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As a real investor, it’s imperative to have transactions documented. The use of a contract is a legal way to seal agreements during a property sale. Proper documentation in real estate covers a whole lot of aspects; comprising of finances, features of the property, and agreement between the buyer and seller amongst a host of things. One of the most important real estate investor tips I can give is to always get everything in writing.




Importance of Real Estate Contracts

The need to put everything relating to real estate in writing or to create a contract for real estate is essential. There are fundamental ownership rights and conditions every buyer must know and possess. Despite the need to also avoid misunderstanding, there is a couple of other important notices to keep in mind as regards property use. One is that the contract contains what penalties would results due to non-compliance, and the responsibilities of both parties involved.


A real contract as prepared by an attorney includes the following:




A common payment options that requires documentation is a down payment(sames as full payment or the periodic payment s).  Down payment signifies the intent and partial binding of the buyer and seller. The payment is made by the buyer to the seller, and should the buyer default in proceeding with the purchase, the money may be lost to the seller. Signing a contract usually requires 10% of the purchase price to set the buy in motion. Hence, it’s imperative to keep this transaction on record since it’s the start of a sale.


Home Condition


Another essential reason for putting things in writing or contract is to satisfy the buyer and avoid disputes regarding the state of a property. A buyer is entitled to a walkthrough of the property to access the structural systems, the appliances, and the entire home area before the agreement is formalized. The means the condition of the property at the point of closing should be the same at the contract signing. A buyer must note any damage or defect, and proper arrangement made to keep all systems in good condition.




The mortgage of the property offers buyers the chance to pay over time. An agreement of this sort requires documentation to ensure the proper process of transactions. A mortgage allows a buyer to make a total purchase within an agreed timeframe with the seller. This arrangement which includes an attorney is dynamic. There are lots of things to agree on, such as interest on the spread payments, fees for late payments, and the expected period of payment completion. The agreement on the contract will state clearly if the payments made on the mortgage will be forfeited or returned to the buyer should there arise default in the payment.


 Gadgets in a Finished Home


A written agreement becomes necessary in the event of the personal or furnished home property. Personal property will include furnishes and an inventory will be necessary to outline them. This helps to prevent any misunderstanding.


Amenities Tests


Amenities are essentials to factor in when deciding to make a property purchase. Many things necessitate penned agreement due to seasonal differences and seemingly hard to notice things. One such is the pool. During Winter, the condition of a pool may be difficult to detect. In such a case, a contract binding the buyer and seller makes room for inspection. This also obligates the seller to ensure repairs.

Inspecting for termites and water supply is likewise important. A termite inspection by the buyer is a prudent move to ascertain the condition of the property. The same is applicable to the water supply quality test. Both are best assessed and an agreement made before the contracts gets signed.


The Certificate of Occupancy


It will eventually all come down to this; the issuance of a certificate of occupancy. Here is a crucial stage that explicitly showcases the importance of having everything down in writing. The document helps to point out that all construction on the land is duly accounted for and no illegal structure is purchased alongside the property.

Additionally,  a tax map number is inclusive. Since each property should get a tax number for tax collection, the seller does well to obtain it before complete purchase.


Property use and fixtures


Information on property use; if an office can be created, if guest houses can be created on the property or a detached garage. All of these additions are verified by the seller in connection with what is acceptable in such a municipality.


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Tedious as it may sound, putting details in writing is a requirement for running a real estate. As a seller, take the effort to create a contract that includes all the necessary information to aid in the purchase process. The need for a contract goes beyond merely avoid avoiding misunderstanding. It further gives the right insight into property development in the vicinity and additional crucial information needed by the buyer.

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