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Check the Competition through IndexingSearch engine optimization has become a part of not only online businesses, but also those companies which have attached their product to their websites. This makes website optimization very relevant in every business if you are using internet, even if it is a small part, as a medium to gain income.

In this case, you should always know whether your website is working for you. As businesses always have competitors, they might be taking the same steps as you, by optimizing their own websites.

Putting your business in the online community does not end in putting up a website. There are many relevant steps that still need to be taken. After coming up a well designed and equipped website, you should make it possible to have it published on the World Wide Web by finding a credible web hosting provider, but in this process the website must have its keywords or key phrases to make it searchable on search engines or it will only have limited visitors.

After all this publishing over the internet stuff, you may want to check to see if your website is really visible. If you search your keywords on a search engine, the first ten entries to appear are the most effective and popular websites in line with your keywords and they are most probably your competitors. Additionally, you can check your other keywords in the same way as well.

For example, your product is in the line of health supplements. Your keyword may be simply health supplement, but if you type “health supplement” in the Google search box, it will give you millions of searches. The searches located in the first page are the most effective websites about health supplements; the searches on the next page are still considered effective, though.

As your product is in the health supplement area, your website may as well use “healthy body” as keywords and you could then look for “healthy body” in a search engine to try your keyword.

You should do this repeatedly in different time frames – daily or weekly – to check if your website is increasing its rank on the internet. Moreover, you should keep track of the data if, with time, it increases in popularity against others under the same keyword search.

After reviewing your data, you will have the conclusion as to whether your website is working for you. You will have a detailed analysis to see if the money you are paying the web hosting company is worthwhile or you can simply figure out if your competitors are working ahead of you in terms of online strategies.

If your website is not doing its part for your business you may extend the tail of your keywords or key phrases by adding extra words which include your original keywords. Or, you can choose to completely change your keyword and have the risk of starting your keyword to keyword competition all over again. Additionally, this way will definitely take too much time to rank your site in the market, but will be less costly than a choice of having another website for another keyword.

Annetta Powell
Your Professional Success Coach

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