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Doing Your Keyword ResearchKeyword research is indeed a vital stage of any SEO activity. But as opposed to international SEO, the ones with the most appearance does not actually mean it’s the best phrase used by searching local customers. There are a lot of avenues to do your keyword search at.


  1. Search with social media sites where people like to interact and engage in discussions or do status updates. Two of the best websites is Facebook and LinkedIn.

Search in Google with the following:

[site: + “* lunch *” + “* restaurant”]

  1. Search in Google : [site: + “* magazine” + “* your keyword *”]

This is because people like to visit magazines pages. They comment on their posts. On the other hand, magazines also work on engaging people in various topics.

  1. Look for restaurant sites to find Traffic Counts, Topics, Keywords and Facebook links. Check what they are promoting on Facebook pages. For example, Pizzahut. Look at Pizzahut’s website. Click the Facebook link and it’ll take you to their Facebook page. Look at the posts where most people commented. Look at what type of words, sentences or offers they are using. Do the same for other fast food companies’ Facebook pages. You’ll have an idea on how they are getting audience attention.

Google Keyword Tool, LSI Keywords and Keyword Discovery can further help you in your keyword research.

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Annetta Powell
Your Professional Success Coach

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