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Getting links to your blogLinks have always been extremely important for any site. Apart from being one of the key routes through which highly targeted quality traffic arrives at a site, links also play a major role in any SEO (search engine optimization effort). Search engines in determining a rank for any site will usually consider the quality and number of links pointing at a site. These are in fact the main factors that will always determine a site’s ranking.


Any strategy that is able to get a blog one way links that are relevant has to be a very valuable tool in the hands of any business owner.


First, have an intimate involvement in the main conversation taking place in the blogosphere in your particular industry, field or subject area. This “conversation” will include comments and posts taking place in leading blogs and discussion forums about a certain hot current topic or subject of heated debate and discussion. This attracts a lot of attention and lots of high traffic links too.


Being aware of the conversation-taking place in your industry is the only way that you will be able to tell what valuable resources or references could be useful to a vast number of bloggers in your particular niche. Bloggers will usually not hesitate to link immediately to useful resources that will add value to the posts and information available on their blogs. To do this, you should have a very deep and intimate understanding of a subject.


We all appreciate humor. Moreso, in a world where there are increasingly more dangers and extremely serious threats to humanity. Amid all the anxiety, laughter is still the best medicine. Online jokes are always very popular and every blogger does not mind quickly linking to some relevant comic relief. Let alone relevant humor.


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