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How to Create a Site MapBefore one can create a site map, one needs to know that there are two main types of sitemaps. The first of these is called the content index site map and the second is called the search engine index sitemap. The main purpose of creating a site map is so that one’s website can be found quite easily online through the use of search engines. Once you have created a site map, you are required to submit it before it becomes active. All the search engines that exist are always interested in new site maps.

This is because it enables the search engine bots to locate one’s website. This, in turn, allows them to read the content of one’s website, categorize it appropriately and index it. This is to enable them to keep your website in their database. Thus, whenever an internet user types in their query and per chance uses the keywords pertaining to your website, the search engine is able to include the website when it churns out its results. During this process, the search engine has the discretion of how many results it will display at a time.

The search engine also controls the order in which the results will appear. Most of the time, the results are displayed in accordance with the relevance; thus the most relevant results appear at the top. Thus, if one’s web content matches most or all of the key words in an internet user’s query, the higher the chances that the website will be displayed among the first ten results that the search engine churns out. This is how one gets traffic to their website.

However, creating a site map for the popular search engines may prove to be a difficult task to the majority of new web masters. Creating such a site map needs not only skill, but a lot of experience – something that a lot of amateurs may lack. This should not be a drawback though. Most people who own websites these days do not have a background in information technology.

One can always go online and get resources for creating a site map. Once one has located a site that can help them do this, there are just a few more simple steps to follow. The first of these would be to proceed to type in the URL of the website one is making the site map for. A URL refers to the address of the website in question. Once this is done, it usually takes a few seconds for the resources to generate a site map that is in the XML format. Once the format is done, one has to copy and paste it on the Notepad application.

The format should then be saved and labeled as the website’s site map so as not to cause any confusion. One can then go online and upload this XML format of the sitemap to the website’s web server. Once all this is done, one has to wait for a period of about forty eight hours while their sire map is being crawled and indexed – and then the process is complete.

Annetta Powell
Your Professional Success Coach

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