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Selecting The Right KeywordsYour past attempts for keyword research might have left you frustrated and deprived of the chance to rank high on searches. Most of the Google tools available work best for people who spend huge sums of money in daily advertising. In fact, utilizing Google’s keyword tool can bring you a lot of “not enough” results. Getting calls twice or thrice a day might seem valuable to your client but not to Google having millions of searches daily.


The only things that Google can do for you are to help you identify the level of competition when you use a certain keyword and actually see which sites are your top competitors. Then you can visit your competitors’ websites and examine how they manage to get that kind of ranking and apply whatever you find essential.


What’s a more valuable research tool instead is you, being the business owner. How? You are the one who is familiar with the ins and outs of your business and you know exactly what you want to promote and the local market that your want to target.


Registering on your free Google Adwords account will give you an access to Keyword and Adword tools and Google Analytics.


The Keyword tool enables you to perform one or more searches and yield other related searches showing the volume of competition and all other necessary details concerning Google ranking. The Traffic estimator, on the other hand, allots a cost per click on your keywords and estimates the ads position and the frequency of daily clicks along with other paid advertisements. What you must do is to adjust your bid price until you are close to being number 1. Your can have better results since organic listings do well than paid ads.


As a business owner, you can pick the best keywords by putting yourself on the shoes of the local customers. What would you be searching for? Adapt a local consumer in need’s mentality. But instead of gearing on selling your products, utilize keywords that represent the problems that your business solve or the benefits that you can give your customers.


Besides Google Keyword tool, there are other web tools that you can explore. Local Niche Spy works best in helping you find localized domain names. Market Samurai would be very beneficial to you in terms of market research because it gives automated selections. It is a one-time purchase, which comes with a free trial version and a wide range of useful modules that you can still use even after the trial period has expired. LSI Keywords allows you to see the top 10 search results, which is then broken down, giving you a clear picture of what the competition is all about.


Annetta Powell
Your Professional Success Coach

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