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SEO Dos and Don’tsRanking highly in search engines is the dream of every business involved in internet or online marketing, as it means a greater chance of making a sale.

When looking into raising your rankings in search engine optimization, it is important to know that there are techniques that should be incorporated in this endeavor. In addition, there are things that you, as a marketer, should never do if you hope to improve your rankings in the search engines.

One of the dos is doing research for the keywords, as well as the keywords phrases that would be relevant for your site. These should have a close relation to the products or services that you are selling.

Do write a brief title tag describing the contents of each page. It is important to ensure that the title tags are different. This is very useful to users, as they give them an idea of the contents. Ensure that the title tags are not too long, as this would dilute your rankings on the search engines.

Do include the keywords in the main text just as they are in the title tag. It is recommended that you find ways of including these keywords in the main text at least three times. However, you should ensure that the inclusion of the keywords does not sound repetitive. This will safeguard your high ranking in the search engine, as it will complement their efforts in building a theme all over your site. Caution should; however, be used, to ensure that the keywords are not included too many times.

Do create a comprehensive sitemap to your website. It makes easier for the search engines and users to navigate to your website. In addition, it ensures that Google, as well as other search engines, index each of the pages in your site properly. It is also important that the sitemap file is accessible directly from the homepage of your website, as well as by the use of the link text.

It is also important that each and every page of your website is considered like as an entry point. In this case, it is important that it be designed in the appropriate manner while labeling it clearly, to ease navigation. In addition, proper descriptions should also be incorporated pertaining to contents. You need to acknowledge that search engines consider numerous factors in the ranking of web pages.

There are some things that you should never do when trying to improve your rankings in the search engines. Don’t use flash technology to develop your website. You will acknowledge that the search engines may not read this technology. It is, therefore, important that you use standard technology instead, like basic HTML. This ensures that almost all the search engines will recognize the technology.

Don’t be enticed to using less than optimal coding techniques, simply because of their simplicity. Don’t lay your trust on the vendors relating to SEO. Their duty is not to improve your websites ranking in the search engines, but to sell their products. Don’t be alarmed when your SEO rankings dip. Acknowledge that ranking is dynamic and, therefore, you would be better placed looking to strategies to improve your rankings.

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Annetta Powell
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