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The Basics of SEOSEO allows you to get listed in various search engines using your desired keywords. By choosing right keywords, SEO makes you define your own rank in the search results. According to Google spokesman, Matt Cutts, “SEO is not spam. SEO helps Google rank the pages properly.”


The key ingredient of SEO’s success lies on one’s choice of keywords and wise handling of it. This might seem simple in concept but there are a lot of factors that you should discover and consider before you can have your page ranked accordingly.


Let’s start off with page factors. Your keywords can get the right amount of attention it needs by using it in your post’s URL, title, description, meta-tags, category, within your webpage’s body text, and within the images found on your page.


On the other hand, off page factors involve back-links to your page, which can be from social network, forum posts, blogs or third party directory listings. The anchor text of those back-links and the authority of the referring site are also part of these off-page factors. Compared with page factors, these are more difficult to get a hold of yet truly worthy of your effort.


Take note that Google ranks pages and not an entire website so the more pages you publish, the higher your chances of achieving a good ranking.



Annetta Powell
Your Professional Success Coach


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