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SEO Understanding TagsChanging Your Title Tag

You would notice that your title tag is found at the top of your browser so it is really a must that this contains your primary keywords. But how do you change your title tag.


Most users go for WordPress since it is one of the friendliest web tools. You can change your blog title using your primary keywords by clicking Settings ? General. But if you are using the classic HTML codes, then you can change your title tag by manually encoding your desired keywords in between the <head> and </head> tags will be <title></title> tags.


What Are Geo-tags?

Like some other Internet marketers, you must be wondering what geo-tags are all about and how this certain feature works. Some even thinks that this is a new web tool trend when in fact it has been around for some time now and has actually done its part in trimming down local search results.


Geo-tags stand for geographical tagging. As its name implies, it adds a geographical identification metadata through media such as videos, photos, and QR codes of the location itself.


Geo-tags include a wide range of location details such as the latitude, longitude, altitude, bearing, place names and distance among others. Geo-tagging further assists users to find a huge array of location-specific results. And as an Internet marketer, it gives you a higher chance of being found on the top of the list during location-specific searches.


Although you can do well without the aid of geo-tags in terms of search ranking, I absolutely don’t find any reason to leave it behind.


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