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What are Back LinksThere is always a tug of war between websites and search engines with regard to who is getting more attention or hits from the public and who is getting more visits on their pages. This is the way the internet uses to catalogue websites. If your website has more back links than another which deals with the same topic or information yours has, then your ranking is better or higher than the other one.

Back links are connections or keyword guides towards your website coming from other websites. even when the topics or information on them are completely unrelated. This is what is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO); it is the use of keywords and phrases that link one site to another allowing you to travel directly from one to the other without having to enter the other page’s address. It is a direct transfer between them.

Search Engines use the amount of back links your page has which originate in another page, not yours, to rank your page with regard to other pages which deal with the same topic. A back link is like a vote from another page that says that they like your page instead of another and this is why they have linked their page to yours.

When back links started to become important, many companies and page owners would build and open pages just to establish links to their main pages and therefore vote for them. Today this is not possible anymore. The back link must come from a totally unrelated page to be counted as a vote. Today ranking high on the search engine’s list is not only a matter of location and pride, it is a matter of money, in some cases millions of dollars in advertisements and sales.

If there are no back links to your page right now it is not something to worry about. If you continue building your page and caring for it, keeping it up to date, soon you will be patched and linked by other pages bringing interest and traffic to your page. You will soon be driving traffic to other pages too. A reputation is hard to develop and once you start building it, you must be careful and nurture it permanently. You will be surprised to see how much traffic and attention your pages will get if you invest time and effort into them.

Great search engines and web pages were not born like that, they slowly grew and developed into what they are now. It took time and energy to get them noticed and to make them rise above the others. Everything is possible. If your idea is good and your product is good, you can build your place into something magnificent which will drive traffic and visitors to it all day and night from everywhere in the world. This in itself is a gold mine for any web site. Be patient and continue working and building, as the rewards for doing this will not be far behind.

Annetta Powell
Your Professional Success Coach

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