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What is Copywriting (Online Copywriting)?In the profit-driven world, getting your message across effectively and fast is the best way to introduce your products to the market and make it stay. Together with the fast-paced technological advances in the past decade, different ways to sell your products and services have been ushered in. In putting your business ahead of the game, getting your business online means faster turn-arounds and a more easily forecasted revenue. This is where online copywriting plays a huge part.

Copywriting aims to create action or stir the curiousity of the reader, to sell an idea, product or service. It uses and requires words with impact, effective sentence constructions, skills of persuasion and salesmanship. Any step that would help in bagging a sale or taking the reader a step further towards an action or shift thought processes and views can also be considered Copywriting.

The application of copywriting in past decades includes flyers, billboards, banners, newsletters and other written paraphernalia. This is now mostly applied online. Any business that aims to increase its revenues and expand its market share has put up their own website that provides information not just about the company, but also the kind of services and products that they have and the client niche that they cater to. This builds the reputation of the company, as access to their information is fast, quick and easy through the internet.

Information can be gained and decisions made within a short time span. For consumers who want to immediately purchase items, orders can be made immediately and are usually processed in 24-48 hours. For clients who want to place orders, order forms are also available online. All these features are included in copy promoting the company. As everything are fast-paced and almost always instant, quick and reilable services are usually featured in an advertisement as well. Consumers want to get what they need exactly at the time when they want it, so highlighting the ability of a service-provider to do this attracts the customers further.

There are different ways of selling one’s copywriting. Most online information is made available through search engines and is usually triggered by keywords. This method is usually called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Certain keywords are embedded a certain number of times within the article which internet users type in to search for their desired information.

However, searches which are not accessible through search engines are made available on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Linking your website to these high-traffic sites are guaranteed to increase exposure of your website and boost your business revenues as well.

There are different tools and products offered online that would help in increasing the flow of your website. This information is either downloaded or purchased as software with a step-by-step procedure of how to create persuasive copy. Apart from the available information on the internet, there are also seminars and workshops offered to businessmen that would fully utilize the tricks and secrets of the trade. Over time, copywriting becomes not just a tool to sell, but also a skill that is eventually honed by the copywriter.

Annetta Powell
Your Professional Success Coach

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