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I doubt I’m spilling any tea when I tell you that America’s state and federal income tax codes are unnecessarily complicated. And because of its complexity, business owners typically look for tax preparers to guide them through the process.

Keeping your business in good standing with Uncle Sam shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s imperative that you choose a tax professional with certain qualities and credentials to ensure a great working relationship. 

But how do you know who to trust with your company’s sensitive financial information? Here are six qualities that business owners should look for in potential tax preparers.  


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1: Tax Industry Experience


Your business is your baby, and you wouldn’t trust your baby with just anyone, would you? 

The same can be said for the person or tax preparation business you choose to itemize and organize your business taxes. With all the blood, sweat, tears, and sacrifices you’ve made as an entrepreneur, hiring someone who’s qualified will give you peace of mind.

The right tax preparer will have a vast understanding of the tax industry and be able to give you sound advice on how to maximize your tax deductions and take advantage of certain tax credits. The most experienced tax preparers will even be able to make recommendations about your business that improve overall operations.


2: Good Communication


As with most things in life, communication is key. Constantly communicating will build a foundation of trust and cultivate a great working relationship.

When looking for the right tax preparer, make sure to choose someone with impeccable communication skills. Someone who interacts regularly (both verbally and in writing) and does it clearly and honestly.


3: A “Gung-Ho” Attitude


Attitude determines altitude, and finding a professional who’s passionate and enthusiastic about their job is priceless. 

Tax preparers should be accessible all year long, not just during tax filing season. That means you’re looking for someone who’s proactive in their education about IRS and tax law changes. As well as various topics that may be currently relevant.

Point blank, an ardent, “gung-ho” tax strategy can save you tax dollars and ensure that you don’t step on any last-minute (costly) financial landmines.


4: Integrity


Having principles and ethics is important in any meaningful relationship, but especially when you’re entrusting someone with something as important as your business.

Tax preparers regularly deal with sensitive confidential documents and information and are prohibited from sharing that data with anyone other than their clients. Additionally, they should always act with a code of ethics, never make false statements, and be transparent about any misconduct or violations they’ve been accused of.

On top of that, tax preparers can’t make changes to your tax or file returns without your expressed approval, they must always sign returns they’ve prepared, and they should never falsify their credentials.


5: Readiness


Did you know that the IRS penalizes you if you file or pay your taxes late? 

You should always be able to depend on your tax preparer to be mindful of any and all deadlines so that your business taxes are filed on time.

Tax filing season is overwhelming—tax preparers deal with an immense amount of pressure, and being timely makes all the difference. Find a tax professional who’s on top of their calendar, has time for you, and informs you about everything you need to do to avoid you paying penalties and interest.


6: Organization


When filing your business tax returns, preparers need to organize a ton of meticulous information. It’s critical that they possess exceptional organizational skills. 

That means your tax preparer should have an eye for even the smallest details and have a system for keeping everything organized. They’ve got to be able to sort tax return schedules, record data into a tax preparation platform, and share your returns with you promptly.

Keep in mind that depending on the intricacies of your return, finalizing your taxes might equate to multiple rounds of drafts and changes. This is something that you shouldn’t have to worry about—your tax preparer should have it all under control.


Choosing The Right Tax Preparer Helps Your Business


The bottom line? Before you hire a tax preparer, take some time to investigate their qualifications and experience to get an idea of how your relationship will work.

You’ll diverge an abundance of personal and business data with them, so it’s paramount that you feel comfortable with their honesty and abilities. Some of these attributes I’ve listed won’t be apparent until after you’ve started working together, so don’t be too surprised if you find that your first choice isn’t your final one. All that matters if you ultimately find a tax professional before you need to file any returns.


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