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Why use Twitter?Do you ask yourself why you should use twitter? Well, if you are a marketer, twitter is one of the best, easiest and cost effective methods available. It is a social networking and a micro blogging website that enables you to connect with other users.

You can chat with others, ask questions and get answers but, most important of all, you can use twitter to do business. Since it is a networking site, one can use this to your advantage. It makes it so easy and fast to let the world know about what you have to offer in 1 sentence.

One good thing about twitter is that you can use it to generate traffic. This is because you can place your website links in your profile. Though it does not always direct your target market, one can broaden your reach to a wide audience which will at least let people know that you exist.

Be the first to know. Twitter gives you the chance to be the first to know. If you are interested in knowing what is in the news and events, then twitter is the place to be. You get to know the stories long before the news companies get it on their websites. This helps you to always be updated with what is happening around you and be able to do the right thing at the right time.

Market surveys

It is very good to carry out market surveys often so that you know what best to do at a particular time. Many companies today pay people to do surveys. You can use twitter to do this and have the work done with little effort or expense. This is because twitter enables you to know what other people are saying about your products and services. It not only lets you know what people say, but also gives you the chance to reply directly to their questions.

Twitter also connects your potential and current customers. This helps, because they come up with ideas that you may use to improve your product and make your brand stand out. Remember, you will get referrals from these customers, as those with whom they are connected will also know that you exit. You can ask them what they think about your product.

If you offer services you can use twitter to get clients. Twitter can help you tell the world about them. You will not only tell people what you do, but you may also search for jobs since companies post a lot of jobs on twitter.

Lastly, twitter can help you make friends. Though it may not be business this time, it is a good thing. I personally have made some good friends through twitter from different parts of the world and have even managed to meet some of them. There are a lot of things that you can do with twitter so, as long as you put in time, you can increase your customer base with little effort.

Annetta Powell
Your Professional Success Coach

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