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Nowadays, majority of entrepreneurs use different video-sharing platforms to easily attract potential customers for their business. One of  the most notable platforms in the digital world is Youtube, which is obviously one of the largest and most popular video-sharing platforms today and is used by people around the globe. Entrepreneurs make use of YouTube’s popularity and effectively use it as a tool to execute strategies that will convert its viewers into potential buyers.

However, marketing on Youtube is not as easy as you think. You need to consider a lot of things and think of effective strategies to attract people to watch on your video.

So to help you better utilize Youtube and increase strategy effectiveness in finding more customers, check out these 6 top ways to use Youtube effectively.


Gain Customer’s Trust

The most important thing you need to when do using Youtube as a marketing medium is to attract a lot of viewers. This means you need to guarantee them that your videos are worth their time.

One way to be able to do this is to gain their trust through creating a video that quickly introduces yourself and why you are in that kind of business. Give them ideas as to what qualities you have that worth their trust so you can easily connect to them.This should just be a very quick video, maybe a minute or two, so you won’t bore the viewers.


Show-Off Product Features


Youtube is also the best way to show-off your product since various people use it. Therefore it is possible that your target market is just out there watching.

In this strategy, you need to shoot a video about your product and take a close-up shot in different angles using a (if possible high quality) camera to show them every detail of the product. Prior to video-shooting, prepare a script of the things you need to say to avoid tattering as it will decrease your reliability. You don’t want that to happen, do you? Now during the shooting, pretend that you are talking in front of a customer to connect deeply with the viewers and speak clearly with confidence.


Present Your Expertise With The Product You’re Selling


The customer’s need for security is basically one thing you need to satisfy now that scams are widely spreading online.

In this strategy, you can put together a video politely bragging about how deep you product knowledge is and show to them that you know even the smallest detail of your product. Showing certificates and awards if you have any and posting a video of yourself discussing tips and hints about your product also entice customers to trust on you and on your products.



Show Customer Testimonials


Another effective way to use Youtube in getting more customers is by uploading videos containing your product user’s testimonials since most of the customers prefer trusting their fellow customer’s feedback; which explains why viewers scroll comment section first before watching a video.

Now you will make it easier for your potential customers to look for testimonials by compiling videos of feedback from your satisfied customers. To make it more realistic, shoot a video on your customer’s place or when you are talking to them at the moment, you may ask for their permission to record their feedback about your product, customer service, and any thing related. It is also one way of giving proof that your product and business are legitimate.


Upload Instructional Videos


You can captivate your customer’s attention by uploading instructional videos of your product. People tend to look on a video than read the product manual since the latter is more convenient and comprehensible. In that way you can stimulate the viewer’s interest that may cause them to buy and try your product out of curiosity even if they do not have the need to buy it yet, most especially when the product you are offering is useful to every person’s daily activities. Keep your video short and straight-to-the-point and discuss only what is necessary.


Broadcast Live Marketing

Broadcast live marketing is another important that an entrepreneur should never miss when using Youtube, especially in attracting target market as it shows transparency and increases customer’s trust and confidence to the seller.

Here you can do workshops and answer viewer questions or you may also conduct an interview with the other experts to further showcase the usefulness of your product including its quality and features.




Using Youtube is one of the most effective ways in finding more customers as it allows you to  connect with various target market across the globe. It eliminates the barrier of distance allowing you to promote your products even in overseas.

But again, using Youtube is never easy especially when making strategies to convince people to watch your videos since most of them today opt to watch videos with more number of viewers. You need to invest a lot of patience and perseverance should you decide to use Youtube as your marketing tool.

Lastly, to be able to come up with  profit-generating videos, be sure to only upload videos that are relevant to your business and essential to your target market. Do not bore your viewers with monotonous salesy videos. Add some fun on your videos and always remember to K.I.S.S — Keep It Short And Simple.

If you’re unsure of how to use YouTube as your marketing tool to gain more customers reach out to me. I’m a serial entrepreneur with several multimillion dollar businesses under my belt. I know what I’m doing and by the time I’m done mentoring you, you’ll know what you’re doing to. Contact me today to learn more about what I can offer your business!

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