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The influence of Google and Facebook has become an edge to business owners in making their brand be easily known to the market. With billions of users across the globe, these two applications are great platforms in reaching wide range of target market. They are also able to cut marketing cost while increasing the company’s productivity by innovating their systems and providing applications which specific tasks are to only advertise products and services to consumers. These applications are Google Ads and Facebook Ads.


Over time, these two apps have been great help in escalating most companies’ income through allowing them to increase consumer awareness about their products and across the world.


“But which is more useful between the two?”


That has been a big question to everyone especially to small business owners who only have limited budget allotted for their marketing expenses and are not able to pay both advertising apps at a time. And maybe you are also wondering and trying to figure out which of the two best fits for your business.


To help you enlighten your thoughts, here are 4 major categories that will guide you in choosing the right application for you.

Increase Brand Awareness

Facebook is the most-used social networking site worldwide that even the busiest people still manage to have the luxury of time to log-in their Facebook accounts and waste their time scrolling through their newsfeeds. Facebook has become the leisure for everybody today. On the other hand, Google is the number one search engine worldwide which is basically used only when  searching for something. Unquestionably, when comparing the two, Facebook is more capable in spreading brand awareness it is more often used by people, almost every hour to be exact. Plus Facebook as well has the ability to make something viral, including advertisements, which Google cannot do.


Convert Potential Leads Into Buyers

Based on thorough research, it is said that when people see an interesting advertisement online, they immediately go to Google to further research about the product they saw, its brand, features and uses, especially when the product is new to their eyes. Compare to Facebook Ads who is only often used to strengthen brand awareness, Google Ads has the ability to convert viewers to buyers since it has built its name already as the most trusted and reliable search engine site. So when they see your products being advertised in Google after seeing it on Facebook, it would probably increase their interest in trying your product. You just need to make use of the strengths Google Ads has.

Accessibility and Convenience

Facebook Ads and Google Ads are both very accessible as long as your leads have an internet data or wifi. However, using Facebook every time, vacant or not, has been a routine for everyone. Facebook is their when your leads are studying, eating, playing, working, or even when in restroom. People cannot stop using Facebook since it is the most convenient thing that keeps them updated about everything under the sun. So basically, when it comes to advertising accessibility and convenience, Facebook has more of it. Just seeing random advertisements on your newsfeed without your intent of searching for it makes Facebook Ads ahead from Google Ads in this category.

Accurate Demographic Targeting

Both advertisement platforms are useful when it comes to demographic targeting but has different ways in doing so. In Facebook Ads, you are going to use Custom Audience and choose the audience you want your advertisement to reach through specifying your target market’s age, location, occupation, likes, dislikes, and other specifications. While in Google Ads, on the other hand, you just have to put the right keywords for your ads so when users types something that relates to it, your ads automatically appears. Both apps are effective in this category. You only have to choose which of the two is more convenient and applicable for you.



As we see, both advertising platforms are undoubtedly very useful to marketers when trying to reach a huge number of potential customers. However, knowing which of the two is more advantageous has been very significant to every marketer. But again, the answer to that only depends on what your goal is. Do you want to focus more on brand awareness or to getting more leads and sales? Based on the capabilities of each application which are discussed above, maybe now by then you already have an idea which of the two is best for you. Furthermore, if you want to come up with a greater possibility of successful advertising result, and have a decent marketing budget, better make use of the two advertising apps. Use them together by building your brand through Facebook Ads and closing the deal through Google Ads.  Facebook has more users than Google but when people see your brand being advertised in Facebook, it raises their curiosity which lead then to search further about your product on Google. In this case, once they search for your brand, your advertisement automatically appears at top of the search results which increases your leads’ urge to try your product. Through this, you can dramatically escalate your product sales and demand like what you have always wanted.


If you want to know more about Google Ads and Facebook Ads reach out to me. I’m a serial entrepreneur with several multimillion dollar businesses under my belt. I know what I’m doing and by the time I’m done mentoring you, you’ll know what you’re doing to. Contact me today to learn more about what I can offer your business!

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