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YouTube Marketing is one of the most effective forms of online marketing. It is a very powerful technique for advertising your products and generating traffic back to your site. In fact, a study that was conducted by Forrester research shows that internet marketing videos were more than 50 times likely to receive natural page ranks than ordinary text pages. So, why is YouTube Marketing become attractive by the day?


The truth is that online video marketing is fairly inexpensive and thus quite affordable to many businesses.  Secondly, online videos will always accessible to consumers and prospects for a long time, thus, they are cost-effective. If you are thinking of creating YouTube videos for online marketing then here are the best practices to get you started.


YouTube Video Marketing

YouTube Marketing

Make a Great Video Title


Just as you would make a great headline for your blog post, so you should create attractive video titles for YouTube Marketing. There are two fundamental reasons for creating a great title. First, a great video title will grab the attention of prospects and viewers.  Consumers will access your YouTube marketing videos if they have relevant and attractive titles.


Secondly, a great title (with relevant keywords will also show up in the Search Engine results when people are searching for appropriate videos on your topic.  Don’t  forget that Google also factors videos so you have to make it part of your content marketing strategy.


Provide Great Content


When it comes to online content marketing, there is no substitute for great video content. You have to think of content that your viewers and prospects would like to see; videos that will inspire them to share via social media channels. Think about what they will learn and consider whether or not the YouTube videos will educate or inform them. One of the best approaches in YouTube Marketing is to create “How-to Videos” as they have proven successful in attracting viewership and encouraging people to share. The beauty of it all is that YouTube marketing videos will also help you to showcase your expertise and thus position yourself as a niche expert.


Embed Contact Info in YouTube Videos


As you create and edit your YouTube videos, you should take advantage of editing features such as embedding URL.  The simplest way of doing this is adding a text box which displays your website URL and contacts on your online marketing videos. Embedding such details increases your exposure and web traffic to your personal or business website. I believe that there are good videos on YouTube that demonstrate and explain more about this smart feature.


Brand Your YouTube Videos


I would also like to encourage you to create branded videos for YouTube Marketing. The best way of branding is displaying company or business logo prominently on the side of the screen. You can display it continuously or strategically during certain times as the video plays. If you also have a tagline then you can display with your logo preferably in the upper-right or left corner of the video.


Four Ways to Engage YouTube Viewers


Having looked at the basics of creating high converting videos for YouTube Marketing, I feel that it’s proper that we also look at the best way of engaging visitors and viewers.  Here are for surefire online content marketing strategies for engaging your prospects and viewers.


  • Educate Viewers– If you are business person or a professional in the service industry, then you should use YouTube marketing to educate your prospects about your services and products especially the features and the benefits they provide.


  • Answer Questions– you should consider answering some of the burning questions relating to your products or services.  You can create valuable YouTube marketing video clips that provide quick and satisfactory answers to prospects.


  • Review a product– you should also create video demos or product review videos that highlight the major features of a product and how they translate into benefits for consumers.


  • Debunk Myths– you can also look at some of the top myths in your industry or niche and debunk then in your YouTube Marketing videos.


Tips for Creating High Converting YouTube Videos


Since YouTube Marketing is a fast-growing field, I think it’s proper for us to look at ways you can use YouTube to your ideas. Some of these are really basic things, but overall I believe they will enhance the value of your Online Video Marketing campaigns.


  • Don’t Make a Sales Pitch– many people are tempted to lace their videos with salesy material that offers little or no value to viewers. There is no problem creating sales videos for YouTube Marketing. But, how would you convince a prospect to buy if you don’t highlight a problem and present the best solution? You should use the problem-solution approach as it is more effective in attracting viewership and generating traffic.


  • Create a YouTube Campaign- if you want to increase viewership and to stand out then I also encourage you to create a series of informational videos for your YouTube Marketing campaign. Viewers love regular videos as it helps them learn and grow with time.  Posting regular videos will also enhance brand or business awareness long after you post your videos.


  • Include a Compelling Call to Action – regardless of whether you are selling a product or service; you should not fail to include a call to action at the tail end of your YouTube Marketing video. You can ask viewers to join your e-mail mailing list, to check out your website, leave a comment, or visit your business blog. I guarantee you that you will get more positive responses if you create and post great videos.


Don’t forget that there is no one marketing strategy that works wonders for YouTube Marketing. You have to create, monitor, evaluate, and refine your videos from time to time until you get the best results. However, you can make great headway if you optimize your videos and provide valuable content.


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