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Understanding Affiliate MarketingTo understand how to become a good affiliate income earner, we need to determine first who an affiliate is. An affiliate is an entity which has relations with a peer or a larger body. An affiliate is not controlled by the larger body it is related.

An affiliate can also be someone who acts to promote a product or service to potential customers, in exchange for remuneration in terms of a commission for every sale made.

Hundreds and hundreds of people have tried their hands at affiliate marketing with little or nothing to show for their efforts. Industries today are complex and usually have four main players:

• The merchants

• The network

• The publisher

• The customer

An affiliate is a secondary component of the industry. Affiliates use regular methods of advertising and, other methods to achieve their goals. Most merchants usually prefer affiliates because they are paid according to their performance. This reduces the cost of marketing for them and; therefore they realize maximum profits from their ventures. Anyone can be an affiliate, but it takes a lot to be a successful affiliate. Affiliates can work from home and this makes him even more alluring to potential affiliates. There are a few areas that one must focus on in order to be a successful affiliate. They include:


It may seem like a cliche when someone talks about patience, but its importance cannot be over emphasized. Patience is what determines whether you will succeed or not. There are many programs that promise money in a few days, but the truth is that one cannot make that much money online within the first few weeks. Many people after not getting what they hoped for will be deterred from doing it again. Patience will help you overcome the first few hurdles associated with being an affiliate.


There are very many different and innovative ways of running an affiliate program, but one needs to remember that what works for one person may be a disaster to another. Like many other sales positions, you need to try and find what works for you and what is natural. An affiliate should not be afraid of trying out new ideas also combining many others to find the right one for you.


Many new affiliates lose their focus when they don’t get fast results. An affiliate should never lose focus and should always aim for the ultimate goal of being the best there is. There is a technique that affiliates can use to succeed. It involves chanting their goals like a mantra whenever they start losing focus.


An affiliate should research the product, its usefulness and any possible side effects it may have. This is an important tool in marketing, because it will help him to be able to defend the product in case of any criticism.


An affiliate should build a list of prospective customers for a product. A prospective list can be created by use of blog spots and brochures to increase awareness of the product.

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Annetta Powell
Your Professional Success Coach

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