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Article Marketing StrategiesMany Internet marketers are now using article marketing to promote their businesses’ blogs and/or websites. This is so because article marketing is a proven strategy to attract their much desired online traffic.

Internet marketers vary in the techniques they use in article marketing primarily because they have differing views and opinions. Article marketing comprises of writing, proofreading, editing and submitting. Some Internet marketers choose to carry out these four functions alone while others decides to outsource these tasks.


Outsourcing Article Marketing

You probably might ask me “why outsource?” Well, this move is basically taken by some people who have too much on their plate. Sometimes, Internet marketers, due to the many other things that they have to do, find it hard to come up with their own content. This reason makes article writing as the most outsourced aspect of article marketing.

Besides article writing, article submission is the next outsourced article marketing aspect. Submitting articles is an essential method to increase your website’s visibility, your position in your niche and of course, traffic generation.


Article Spinning

Should you spin or not? Whatever your decision on this matter must depend on the quality of the original article and the quality of the article spinning software. For those who may not understand what article spinning is, it is one of the widely preferred article marketing techniques, wherein an original article is created and spun in various versions using an article spinning software. For some, they see it as a way to diminish article writing outsourcing costs and to conserve time as well. However, one thing that an Internet marketer must keep in mind is that grammatical and spelling errors and poorly created articles often result to article directories refusing them.


Article Directories

One of the key techniques in article marketing is submitting articles in the top 10 or top 15 article directories. These article directories usually have high traffic levels and are search engine friendly. But, to be able to succeed in submission of articles in top article directories, quality must always come first as webmasters troll through article directories for the content that they require. Your content with your resource box that includes your links is an effective way to point back to your own website once someone views the articles that you submitted online.


Generally, article marketing helps Internet marketers maintain online relevance and targeting. However, bear in mind the enormous competition among Internet marketers who are trying to woo everyone to their websites so being the wiser one, always go for quality unique content that would differentiate you from the rest of the crowd.

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