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Attraction MarketingIn recent years, attraction marketing has become an important tool for many networking marketing businesses to generate more leads. The reason why attraction marketing is popular in the network marketing industry is because of its being economical and time efficient in terms of lead generation and sponsoring.

But what exactly is attraction marketing?

The soul of attraction marketing lies in how you brand yourself as your most important product. In branding yourself, you have to avail of the various free resources of today’s hi-tech world, such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, blogs and other Web 2.0 platforms, to inform people that you are the leader in a particular network marketing business.

When you have fully established yourself a credible product of your business, people will seek you out either to form alliance with you or join your business opportunity without you actually having to seek them out by using the traditional advertising campaigns. This is the beauty of attraction marketing: make yourself popular, and you’ll have a steady flow of leads coming to your doorsteps every day.

In attraction marketing, there are two most important personal attributes that you must develop: self-confidence and magnetic energy. Self-confidence is so viral that when people see you being confident about your business, you will naturally attract them to your business for one reason: they too are confident because they will intern follow you. On the other hand, when you attract people to you, people will also naturally come to you since they see you, not only because you are so overly confident, but more importantly because you are credible and an authority figure in your niche.

How to become successful in attraction marketing?

Attraction marketing does not end in possessing personal attributes like self-confidence and a magnetic persona, it is realized when you are able to successfully generate leads to your doorsteps. The following are four easy ways to make attraction marketing a real success:

1. Establish yourself as a leader or mentor

As a natural response, people tend to look up to leaders or mentors whom they can emulate and follow. In the network marketing area, you have to establish yourself as a leader or credible personification of how (even the most uninformed person) you can make money online. By establishing yourself as a leader in your niche, you are setting up a strong foundation for your attraction marketing campaign.

2. Know your market

No matter how you are credible and self-confident, if you are promoting your networking business in a wrong market, you will never become successful in using the attraction marketing methods to grow your business. That is why the second most important thing to do when you have fully established your must use the social media platforms (like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Blogs, etc) is to find a market where you have potential leads.

3. Agitate a frustration and offer a solution

There is no other venue to agitate people about their frustrations than in the ads. Your aim, however, is not merely to torment the life of ordinary people by telling how problematic they are; you have to back it up with a realistic solution—a solution you alone can solve. This is where the power of attraction marketing is fully realized. And how do people find your solutions? By clicking your ads. The most effective way to do this is to offer how-to information that gives people a taste into how you will solve their problems.

4. Harvest your leads

When people start arriving at your doorsteps or lead capture page, you have no other options but to initiate important moves to generate sales. Other network marketers will start a massive e-mail campaign to offer their products and services; while others offer special reports, video and audio training series and a whole lot of amazing tricks to convert their visitors into customers. As a network marketer, it lies within your creativity to initiate important lead generating systems to meet new people so that you can get the deal sealed.

Finally, the essence of attraction marketing lies in how you attract qualified prospects to your business opportunity and stick with them through the end.

To your success,

Annetta Powell
Your Professional Success Coach

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