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Attraction MarketingAttraction marketing is a system of marketing by which you attract people to your website, based mostly on your credibility more than on the product you sell or present to them.

Attraction marketing is very effective once you establish a reputation and a name for yourself with regard to the work you do and your responsibility towards this work. It is very effective – if you can get the right message across.

Attraction marketing strategies must be worked on and developed slowly and with time. They require that you pay close attention to your prospects and clients and to the people that know you, especially on the social web sites where you are in a position to meet people with the same interests you have.

Attraction marketing brings people with similar interests and needs together. These relationships are not produced by the sales or the actual product being offered, they are produced by common interests in life.

This is a marketing tool that will provide better and greater results than any other because, once the bond is established, the client will keep coming back because of friendship and identification with the seller and not only because of the product. These relationships last longer and they tend to produce better and repeated sales. It may be a bit difficult to establish the initial bond, because it takes time to build trust and confidence, but once it is done, the sky is the limit.

Attraction marketing is especially positive when dealing with network marketing because this type of market and selling requires constant contact and constant co-operation for the down line to grow and the business to produce. When the people involved in the business like each other and trust each other, it is easier for them to cooperate and push in the same direction to get things done. This is of great benefit for a networking marketing business, because it allows full communication and disclosure when dealing with prospective clients and buyers.

Attraction marketing is a great weapon in any business but it is highly recommended for network marketing. Again, it takes a lot of dedication and time to build the trust and the confidence of your group of followers and friends. Most of these you can find on social networks and around you at home. Constant communication and exchange is important with them, as they are not simply clients, they are your friends. Usually you do not try to sell them something, you offer them a product or solution to a problem they have.

It is basically the same thing, you will eventually sell them something, and the difference lies in the fact that you are selling them something for their own good and benefit. In a regular situation you do not know or care for the individual so you would try to sell them your product and you do not care if they benefit from it. That is the big difference between attraction marketing and a simple marketing technique directed at the general public.

Yours Sincerely,

Annetta Powell
Your Professional Success Coach

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