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Attraction MarketingAttraction marketing- a very new and unfamiliar phrase isn’t it? Indeed it is, because attraction marketing is a new method of promoting and structuring the online marketing venture. Attraction marketing is a plan in which entrepreneurs need to focus their marketing efforts to target precise group of prospective clients.

Attraction Marketing also includes offering such prospective clients with valuable information, so that such clients can come back to entrepreneurs to inquire about the prospect and join the team as distributors. This type of marketing is very different from all other traditional methods of marketing.

Attraction marketing truly attracts prospective customers who are eager to see what an entrepreneur is offering and therefore, becomes a member. Therefore, one of the best ways to excel in online business is by attraction marketing.

Need For Attraction Marketing And it’s Working

What lead entrepreneurs to come with this very new form of marketing plan? In network marketing, a member has to sell the products to customers as well as convince them or other customers to join the venture. Traditional marketing includes making a list of potential customers (who are not worthy at all) and chasing them down to join your primary business in network marketing.

However, these so-called potential customers never find any reason to join the online venture. Even if five out of ten people think about joining, they feel that he or she will also have to chase other people in the same way as entrepreneurs are hounding them. Now, this is one big reason is enough to divert their minds. Moreover, cold calling which was as similar as aiming in the darkness does not work at all. This is the major drawback of online network marketing.

Working of attraction marketing

Attraction marketing means building a client-entrepreneur relationship with the help of some specific modern day tools.

  • People prefer to buy stuffs from only those websites that sound genuine or those sites, which do not exaggerate about themselves, are transparent. Hence, build an informative website describing all the features and benefits of the products in it. Tell people why they need to trust a particular product. Do not over emphasize people to buy the products.
  • Write articles that describe the product’s features and post it on a website or on other article directories. Entrepreneurs need to insert their web link into it, so that people who want to purchase the products can easily locate the sites.
  • Advertise on major websites, because it helps to attract a huge traffic flow.
  • Include videos that depict live testimonials, start a blog on current issues and add a newsletter subscription. These are some of the ways of attraction marketing.

Thus, attraction marketing is breaking all those traditional moulds of online network marketing. This type of marketing has changed the overall mindset of online marketers, because it has made them more focused and dedicated towards their business.

So, do not wait longer, implement attraction marketing tactics in your online venture, now and see the difference yourself.

Yours Sincerely,

Annetta Powell

Your Professional Success Coach

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