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Make Money BloggingLet’s face it, nowadays we always try to find ways to earn fast and easy money – it has become a much desired goal to do so. With the birth of the Internet that desired goal had become achievable.

The evolution of the internet has brought so many avenues for people to earn money from the comfort of their own home. People started selling products online; accepting jobs that allowed them to work online and all they needed to do was to submit their work online too.

The latest craze now for making money online is by blogging. What is blogging? Blogging is basically writing about anything and everything under the sun and posting your work on a blog site like or

It all started when people wanted to share their thoughts and share the experiences on the internet. People would religiously write and post on their blogs every day. Then major companies saw this as an avenue to gain more exposure and traffic to their websites.There are a million ways to earn money blogging, but we will only focus on the top 3.

1. Get Paid to Write What You Like

The first way to earn money blogging is to get paid to blog topics you like writing about, be it fashion, automotive or even books. The important thing about being paid to blog is that you need to make sure you have good content. All you need to do is start a blog and submit your blog to companies who are looking for bloggers and, if they like your content, they hire you to be one of their bloggers.Once hired, you will be assigned to write reviews on certain stuff and they will pay you probably for every blog post/article you create.

2. Banner And Text Advertizement

We will now move on to the next way to earn money via blogging. It’s a very common way to earn money blogging and bloggers who have been blogging for quite some time now know about this method of earning money – to place banner advertisements and text advertisements on your blog, although you will need approval to do so and the only way you’ll get approval is if, once again, you have good content. No company would want their logo or advertisement on a blog that has poor content.

3. Affiliate Marketing

The third way to make money blogging is to do affiliate marketing. Sounds difficult? It’s actually quite easy. It might be the easiest way to make money affiliate marketing. The basic gist of affiliate marketing is to get a good offer from a merchant and, after doing that, you’ll need to find ways to get traffic to their site/page. So you’ll have to come up with ways to promote and advertise whatever the merchant needs you to write on your blog.

Make sure you don’t just blog about anything, filter out the products and services and make sure they are of quality and can be trusted, because if you advertise and promote poor services and bad products your name and your blog will be the one to pay for it, since you are basically the one who referred people to the company and/or product.

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Annetta Powell

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