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Launching your business blogAnother effective online marketing tool is launching your business blog. A blog should have content when it goes live, so anywhere from 5-15 posts can provide a good headstart.

Getting attention to a new blog with content involves both active and passive blog marketing tactics. Some of these are:

  • Answering comment forms which often give the opportunity to link back to your blog.


  • Making relevant comments on other valuable and influential blogs with a similar target audience.


  • Linking out to other influential blogs from your own blog posts and/or a blog roll to get noticed.


  • Leveraging on other social channels that you’re participating in like Twitter and Facebook to promote specifically useful blog content.


  • Contributing posts to other blogs to build your visibility to a new audience and to link back to your blog. Don’t forget to include the blog URL everywhere you post your web site address both online and offline.


  • Writing and publishing great content on a regular basis. There’s no substitute for attracting attention than posting worth sharing and linking to content.


  • Contacting existing customers, business partners and industry peers and letting them know you’ve launched a blog.



Promoting your social media participation through launching your business blog is tied to goals, audience, tactics and resources. It will greatly impact awareness, buzz and traffic both directly and indirectly. For more information on launching your business blog and other marketing tips, subscribe to my blog.

Take care,

Annetta Powell
Your Professional Success Coach

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