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Ways to make money onlineEver thought of leaving your corporate cubicle for something else that entitles you of financial and time freedom, that is working online but is thinking twice because of the debts and responsibilities that you have to consider. Well, the fact is you can make money in the online economy but it might not be as easy as your job in a physical company.


What are some ways to earn money online?


Be an online gold farmer

In China, half million of its population is earning money by getting and selling World of Warcraft gold to gamers in other countries.

Assist other online workers virtually

Most of the freelancers and small businesses would not bother hiring somebody to work for them in a physical office but rather opt to have a virtual assistant who can perform the job well. The jobs of a virtual assistant include travel reservations, report preparations, writing correspondence, outbound calls, and more. You can earn $20 above in one day by doing this kind of work.

Tender your professional expertise in the Internet marketplace

Nowadays, it’s more than just about selling in Amazon and eBay but also selling your knowledge and skills in a marketplace. The new breed of freelancing and project-oriented sites are beneficial for both the employers and the contractors to meet their needs. Samples of these websites are Elance, RentACoder, Odesk, and more.

Make money through blogs

Although blog is an “in” thing these days, it’s not easy to find good writers. There are sites like GigaOM that always seeks for blog writers with solid writing skills and great ideas. Get noticed by posting relevant comments on various posts.

Write reviews for compensation or perks

Blogging would make you get noticed and you will soon be approached to write book or product reviews. You can get paid or free stuffs this way.

Provide online life coaching

No one has the luxury of time to go to the office for coaching nowadays. Today, web workers need to meet their coaches via email, IM or VoIP.

Sell your photos on stock photography sites

Fotolia, Dreamstime, Shutterstock, and Big Stock Photo are some of the sites where you can offer your pictures.



There are a lot of creative and fun ways to make money online, you just have to be patient in exploring the options. For more information on ways to make money online See you there!

Take care,

Annetta Powell
Your Professional Success Coach

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