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The Power of Setting Up a Duplication System in MLMThe power of duplication in multilevel marketing (MLM) lies in how you leverage your efforts and time by teaching other people in your downline to duplicate your efforts. What is amazing about setting up a duplication system in MLM is the fact that you gain a share in the profits generated by the system and by the people in your downline. The more associates (downline) you have, the more profits you will gain! Duplication is the key to the success in any multilevel marketing campaign.

The power of duplication

If there is one downside in setting up a duplication system in multi-level marketing system it is perhaps the fact that personal skills are not duplicated. In fact, no matter how great you are as a public speaker or a great sales person, the sad thing is that these personal traits are not duplicable and your downline may not possess your most precious traits. That is why it is expected that over ninety-five percent of people you recruit in your downline may not possess your best traits and may not even be interested in learning your traits.
The essence of duplication, therefore, is to teach, show and help your downline repeat and carry out your training system. This way, you are guaranteed your MLM organization will grow on its own.

Tips for effective recruitment

The best way to achieve a great duplication system is to recruit people for your orginization. In this way you are able to duplicate good results from your multi-level marketing business. Take the following tips for developing the best recruitment process for your multi-level marketing campaign:

  • Recruit people who are built for success. The success of your downline depends on people who act like you, a success-driven individual. There is a great risk of recruiting people who are not motivated to achieving long lasting success. Your prospective candidates must be goal oriented, success-driven and must possess good qualities like you.
  • Secure everybody’s success. If you are keen to recruiting highly qualified people who are success-driven, it is also equally important to ensure that everybody in your downline will become successful. It is crucial that all people in your downline are making money. This is the lifeblood of a healthy downline. That is why it is important that you secure everybody’s success to maintain a solid ground for your multilevel marketing campaign.
  • Implement a good personnel management plan. This is another crucial aspect in the success of your multi-level business. As a leader, you are called upon to treat everyone in your downline as individuals, not just sources of income. The success of setting up a duplication system depends on the attitude of the people you have recruited for your network marketing business.

The power of setting up a systematic duplication method for your multi-level marketing business is the key to your success. By learning the concepts and tips above, I guarantee that you will be successful in your multi-level marketing business. Learn more about multi-level marketing and internet marketing by subscribing to my blog.

Annetta Powell
Your Professional Success Coach

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