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What is E-mail Marketing and How Your Business Success is Related? Gone are the days where you used an ink pen and a piece of paper to write a letter to whomever you wished to write to. Nowadays you just type what you want on your laptop, choose the font you fancy, use a spell checker that will immediately notify you with red lines that you have spelled something wrong (some even inform you that your sentence construction isn’t correct) and you have an e-mail. Plus, you don’t need a post office and a post man to deliver your mail. Nowadays it takes seconds for the recipient to receive the mail you have sent. Of course all this is done electronically and online. Yes, snail mail has been replaced by what we call Electronic Mail or E-mail.

There are so many uses for E-mail, like keeping in contact with distant friends and relatives, receiving notifications for your online magazine subscriptions – and you can even send electronic greeting cards via E-mail! But we are only going to focus on one use of e-mail and that is marketing. What is e-mail marketing?

e-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is a direct marketing tool which utilizes electronic mail as a way of grouping commercial or fund-raising messages to a certain group of people or a set list of contacts. Most, if not all, companies use e-mail marketing as a marketing strategy because it is fast and fairly easy. E-mail marketing has so many benefits, aside from it being fast and easy. E-mail marketing may also increase your sales exchange. Every successful sales process requires a factor of repetition.

When people visit your site there are so many reasons why they could get distracted. So, when they leave your site that may be the end of a sale. Unlike if you have their email address, so you can email him/her your company’s monthly news letter and other emails that contain useful information on your product and/or business. With having their email addresses you can always follow up on their interest in your product/business.

Another great advantage when it comes to e-mail marketing is that you give your customers the choice to send you valuable feedback. Feedback is one thing every business needs to succeed, as without feedback a business could run blindly and not be able to cater to its customers’ interests. E-mail provides your customers with an easy way to give your company feedback, without the need to have a face-to-face conversation. E-mail marketing is a great way to get a repeat sale.

We all want new customers, but getting new customers is very hard, plus the value of your already following customers is greater. E-mail marketing allows you to keep in touch with your customers on a regular basis and with keeping in touch with your customers, repeat sales emerge. One very important thing you should not do with e-mail marketing is send a marketing e-mail to someone who has not asked for it, or who hasn’t given their email address to you directly.

Send marketing e-mails only to people who have signed up for your monthly e-mail newsletter or have acknowledged the fact that when they give their email address you will be contacting them via e-mail and sending them updates on your product/business. You do not want potential customers to get irritated with constant unwanted e-mail from you.

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