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The importance of auto responders cannot be overstated as far as internet marketing is concerned. This is a software service that allows your website to do follow-ups on clients, both prospective and existing, by sending automatic messages pertaining to new products in such a way that the clients feel they are actually being served by a real human being.


According to studies, people would have to have the exposure to your services or products for a minimum of seven times for them to make a purchase. Sending emails to thousands of prospective clients or even millions may be quite cumbersome. Auto responders come in handy in such situations, as they give you an opportunity to send numerous follow-up emails automatically to those who visit your website. After they have signed up to the website’s mailing list, you will be able to schedule a certain number of emails which may be sent at particular intervals within a certain time. One thing about email auto responders is that they ease up your work while increasing your sales. After setting up the auto responder, it takes up everything else and therefore you need not compose emails to each visitor. There are various reasons why you would need to use an auto responder. Auto Responders


To start with, they incorporate higher rates of conversion compared to other forms of advertising. This is because you will be sending regular information pertaining to different offers and products. In any case, the prospective client does not have to visit your website to know which product is being offered, but will find the information conveniently in his or her inbox. With time, they will learn to trust you and eventually decide to try out your products, thus leading to higher sales. It is however, important that you complement your messages with a quality product in order to strengthen the trust.


You will also appreciate that auto responders are very cost effective, compared to other modes of advertising. Some auto responders go for as little as $20 per month. This is quite a low threshold and given the increase in conversion rates that the service will bring about, you will definitely find it quite profitable.


However, the utility of auto responders is only if you use them well, so how can you effectively use auto responders to increase conversion rates? You can use the auto responder to provide training courses, for example, by offering your visitors generic training courses through emails giving them guidance on how they can earn extra cash using affiliate programs. Apart from encouraging people to connect to your website’s affiliate program, it will lead to higher profits, as there will be more people promoting your services.


You can also use auto responders to carry out simple polls, which would provide important information you could use to enhance the quality of your products. In addition, you will be able to improve your ezine, thus increasing your readership.


One of the most common uses of auto responders is in alerting prospective and existing customers of new products and offers. In addition, you may use the auto responder to follow up on the sales already made.


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