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In a world where most are tuned in to one form of social media or the other, capitalizing on this to build a following is essential for most businesses. Nowadays, everything is just a tap away, so having a large or steadily growing following can increase a company’s reach, resulting in more customers. If you are a business owner or are just interested in cultivating a following should you decide to become one someday, three ways to successfully build an online following are outlined below.


Β Start A Blog

Make blogging your best friend – For a business to increase its following, consistent blogging is critical. Blogging is a way for companies to build rapport with customers through relatability and valuable information. Companies want to sell products or services, and customers know that, but blogging can help them stand out amongst competitors. As a business, consistently blogging can increase the likelihood of a company retaining and attaining customers.

Blogs should provide customers with valuable information, but the writing style of blogs (humorous/witty, straightforward, sarcastic) can appeal to both old and new customers and strengthen the relatability and rapport between a business and the individuals it is trying to reach. If you’re a new business owner or a long time business owner seeing a plateau in the growth of your following, we suggest starting a blog to see better results.



These days, everyone has an Instagram account. com states that Instagram has approximately one million active monthly users. People are constantly digesting information, and as everything is just a tap away, sharing information to their friends, family, and followers.

As Instagram is highly saturated with businesses, your business needs to consistently post on the social media platform and put its unique spin on content creation. Engaging with its target markets and providing value is also essential. A few tips for improved engagement include responding to direct messages quickly, going live a few times monthly, or hosting competitions or giveaways.


Facebook, my friend – Facebook is the big dog of social media. In our second point, we said everyone has an Instagram account. Well, your grandmother’s grandmother has a Facebook account (just kidding, but you get the gist). Your business needs to ensure that the level of effort directed toward Instagram marketing and presence is likewise required toward Facebook, if not to a greater degree.

According to, Facebook has approximately 2.85 billion monthly users, making it the world’s most popular social media network. While Instagram’s importance to building a following for your business should not be downplayed, having a solid Facebook presence is vital for increasing your business’s following.

Like Instagram, Facebook also has features that prove helpful to improve engagement levels. Post consistent, uniquely curated information, regularly respond to messages and queries, host giveaways and go live a few times monthly to enhance engagement levels.

More Resources To Help You Build An Online Following

As the world thrives in the information age, for businesses to avoid getting left behind and instead see continuous growth in their followings, mastering the art of social media is vital. There are many forms of social media platforms and new ones popping up by the minute. However, three ways to build a following for your business are; consistently blogging valuable and engaging information to both present and potential customers, posting uniquely curated posts on both Facebook and Instagram, and ensuring that your business is engaging with customers on all three platforms. The more you know, the more you grow!Β 

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