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Facebook Marketing tips 2020Facebook is a wonderful place to make friends! In fact, it is precisely what Mark Zuckerberg had intended when he launched Facebook six years ago. Today Facebook is home to almost 300 million users aiming to make friends from anywhere in the world.

For many of us, however, Facebook remains an interactive venue where anyone can amass friends in an instant. But if you come to think of it, not only can you amass friends, you can also amass money on Facebook by marketing your products and services!

If you are creative enough, you will realize that you can actually transform the 300 million Facebook users into potential customers. In fact, applying for Facebook advertising is very easy. And what is good is that when you join Facebook you will not start from scratch because for sure you will have a few friends who are already members.

In just a few invites, you will start to amass friends on Facebook. Before you realize it, you will have access to all Facebook users all over the world, so as your business, products and services.

I will not try to promote how wonderful Facebook is, but I will explain to you how to build your business while you connect with your friends through the following effective Facebook marketing tips.

Join Facebook

You will never have the opportunity to transform the 300 million or so Facebook users unless you physically join Facebook. Joining Facebook is the first of the many and yet easy steps to market yourself, your business, products and anything you intend to sell on Facebook, of course, given that you understand the terms of using Facebook.

To start with, build a powerful profile that relate to your business. The most important factor you need to consider in developing your Facebook profile is to see to it that you have a professional photo in your profile, not the cutie snapshot you think of yourself. Carefully craft a powerful bio that highlights your skills and talents and important of all mention your company or business without selling yourself!

Explore Facebook and evaluate how unique and interesting your profile is. Update your profile from time to time. Don’t forget to innovate.

Create a group or fan page

You can join existing Facebook groups or fan pages and spread the good words about your business to all the members of the group or fan page. By posting bits of catchy information about your business, your messages are instantly seen by all the members. But why join if you can create your own group or fan page that is exclusively dedicated to your business? By creating a group or fan page, you are in control of everything about and in your group.

Buy advertising space

Unlike creating a profile page, group or fan page, availing of Facebook advertising space is not free. Though not as aggressive as other online advertising platforms, Facebook’s advertising package is very effective because you can actually decide who you want to view your ads, such as their age, location, employment status, marital status, educational levels, among others. In other words, you are given all the powers to decide where and who you want to market your products or services too.

Facebook is an effective means to connect with friends, and it also a powerful platform to grow your business. For more information about social media marketing and Facebook marketing tips, subscribe to my blog.

Annetta Powell
Your Professional Success Coach

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