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Are you a small business owner who’s been thinking about marketing your business on Facebook

There are so many social media platforms for entrepreneurs to choose from when looking at business marketing opportunities. But even with the popularity of applications like TikTok and Instagram among younger demographics, Facebook still dominates the social media market with nearly three billion active users each month—a number that’s expected to increase by at least 15% in 2023.

If you’re not taking advantage of Facebook for your business, you’re making a huge mistake. Alienating such a large group of people will ultimately cost your bottom line.

Don’t do that. 

Instead, here are five of the best Facebook marketing tips that you can use to effectively advertise your real estate, house flipping, landlording, wholesaling, or tax preparation business in 2023.


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1: Create A Professional Page (Not a Personal Profile)


Before you do anything else, create a professional page to represent your brand—not a personal profile. Yes, the two look very similar, but a professional page gives business owners access to unique tools designed specifically for organizations, brands, and businesses. Additionally, clients and followers will be able to ‘Like’ and interact with your page to receive regular updates and posts about your company in their newsfeed. That’s something they can’t do with a basic personal profile.

A professional page won’t only boost Facebook’s business potential for your brand, it’s also strictly against Facebook’s Terms of Service to use a personal account for anything other than the person it was created for.


How To Set Up Your Business Page


Creating a Facebook business page is incredibly simple. Here’s an easy to follow, step-by-step guide. In about five minutes, you’ll be in business—quite literally!

If you’ve already set up a business profile but haven’t converted it to a business account, don’t sweat! It’s super easy to do, just click here.


2:  Set Quality (and Recognizable) Profile and Cover Photos


Facebook profile photos are required to be 170 pixels by 170 pixels. It should be good quality and easily recognized by visitors. A business logo, staff group photo, or a professional headshot will always do the trick. 

Pro tip: If you’re a real estate investor, tax expert, or some other kind of solo entrepreneur, headshots are ideal.

Being detectable on Facebook is vital if you want searchers to easily find your page and ‘Like’ it. Keep in mind that your photo is fixed at the top of your Facebook page and appears as a thumbnail image that’s visible on all your posts and updates—make sure you choose wisely.

Cover photos are featured on top of your Facebook business page and should be 312 pixels by 820 pixels. Optimize your image to stand out and grab the attention of newcomers by encouraging them to engage with posts and learn more about your company. You’ll also want to make sure that the image is functional and looks good on mobile devices.


3:  Claim Your Vanity URL


After you’ve set up your company page, Facebook randomly assigns a URL and number. For example:

In order to make your page easier to find and more likely to be shared, you need to choose a distinct vanity URL that searchers can easily identify. For example:

Can’t figure it out? No worries! Click here for a step-by-step guide with simple how-to instructions.


4:  Upload Your Best Blog Content


Facebook, like all social media platforms, is content driven. It’s your job as a business owner to market your brand. You can do that by regularly posting optimized content from your business website to your Facebook page that answers relevant questions, entertains, and is helpful to your target audience. 

Start with filling your page’s timeline with your best and most useful blog articles. If you don’t have time to publish articles on Facebook yourself, consider a tool or plug-in that can automatically do it for you! 

With that being said, remember to be careful with automated publishing software. It’s certainly valuable to post some of your blog articles and content, you don’t want to inundate people with it. Your page needs to have a human element to it, so be sure to sprinkle in some personable posts too.


5:  Fine Tune Your About Me Section


The “About” section on Facebook is one of the first things that visitors see when coming to your business page. The preview is fixed on the left side of the page, below your profile image. Searchers can see a full section by clicking the “About” tab.

It’s imperative that you are optimizing the preview portion with descriptive—but short— text that gives people a good idea of what your business is about before they decide to engage by checking the ‘Like’ button. 


Marketing Your Business on Facebook Reaches More People


There are so many ways you can maximize your social media marketing strategy and Facebook is a brilliant way to do it. If you have a business, it’s time to discover how the platform can work for your brand. If you use all the tips we’ve laid out here, you’ll be on your way in no time at all!

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