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With around 4.48 billion people using social media platforms, it is now necessary, rather than a choice, for most companies to step up their game. Big and small businesses use multiple social media platforms to market their business, gain followers, increase their online presence, and connect with consumers.

With so many apps available and many more launching each day, it may seem like an overwhelming task to develop your brand value online. But don’t worry!

Here are five simple tips to help you market your business on social media.


Plan Well


Creating a proper strategy is essential to building your business online. Every platform is different, and you may have to make a different plan for each to engage your target audience better.

Using the SOSTAC framework can make your job easier. This framework helps you come up with a strategic plan using six simple steps:

  1. Situation Analysis: List down the current situation of your business. What is the brand currently perceived as? What is its position in the market?
  2. Objectives (These must be SMART objectives): Where do we wish to be?  This applies to any part of your business, like customer service, desired followers, type of engagement you want.
  3. Strategy: How can we get there? (OVP- online value proposition, tools, integration).
  4. Tactics: What are the ways we can achieve the goal? (E-campaigning, post frequency, E-marketing).
  5. Actions: How to carry out the tasks? (External agencies, staff responsibilities, internal skills).
  6. Control: How to monitor our performance? (Customer feedback, reporting frequency, public surveys).


Research Well


Making assumptions about people’s social media usage is futile. You need statistics.

You need to know which platform is best for your product and is used by your target audience most frequently. Instinct might say that Gen Z is not an avid Facebook user, but research says otherwise. About one-fourth of Facebook’s users are between the age of 18 to 24. This is why making decisions based on solid research is crucial to success on social media.


Scheduling and Automation


Believe it or not, timing is everything.

Timely and efficiently posted content gains views. Inconsistent content can make you lose your audience and negatively affect your brand image and potential viewers.

Plan, create deadlines, and stick to them.

You can find various sites that offer free templates and help you plan your social media content effectively.

Save time by using automation tools like chatbots or automated texts to reduce customer waiting time and the time you spend working on social media marketing.

Use built-in interactive tools


Social media apps have caught on to marketing trends and are here to make your life easier. From Instagram business accounts to Twitter polls and paid promotions, these apps have got you covered.

Many businesses have set up shops on Instagram and direct audiences to their websites through promotion stories.

Panera Bread used Twitter polls to increase the reach of their brand in June 2020 by promising free coffee for 500,000 YES votes on their poll. The poll ended up getting 588,000 responses and aimed to know consumer preferences.

While some of the most commonly known apps are Facebook and Instagram, there are several more that might help you tap into that segment of the market. For example, Twitter is extensively used as a sales tool for businesses worldwide.

Don’t shy away from experimenting


What works for others might not work for you. Keep note of your performance as you work on your online presence and social media marketing strategy. Are paid promotions helpful for your business model? If yes, good. Keep going. If not, time to figure out why.

Assessing your performance is a must. No matter how great your strategy is, it must change with changing trends and consumer behavior.

Market YOUR Business on Social Media

To improve your online performance, an effective and targeted social media strategy is a must. Work towards increasing your reach by interacting with your audience using unique ways. Many social media tools are available on the internet; you only need to research a little to find the best one for your business.

And last but not least, analyze your performance to get better each time. Each failure brings you a step closer to success.

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