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Ways to Market on FacebookIn recent times companies have found a new way to make sure that they reach a whole new audience online by making their presence known on as many social networking sites as they can.

The one that companies most seem to target is Facebook, one reason is that there are so many different ways for people to market on Facebook. There are really four main ways that people can market using this site, they all take a little work but they are all well worth the time.

The first way is the most difficult; this involves making sure that people talk about your company or product on their Facebook page. This may seem like something that couldn’t be done, but there are people out there who will allow companies to page them and then promote the product on their page by just mentioning it. This can be done either by just posting about it or by making sure that they say good things about it. It’s really up to you and up to the person that will be posting.

You can also buy advertising space on Facebook. You can either pay for each click or for every thousand impressions. You can set up different ad campaigns and make sure that each campaign is targeted to who you want for each ad. These ads will show up on the side of the Facebook page whenever someone visits the site and whenever they open a new page. They are always present and Facebook always rotates the ads, with so many people accessing the site each day this really is a great way of making sure your ad is seen.

Pages are another way to get people to see your company or product. You can create a page for something and people can click on a link there to follow it, once they do this it will come up on their page for their friends to see and if these friends then follow it, it can become a circle. You can post updates, promotions and news. You can pretty much put anything that you want to up on the page. The best idea is to try and make sure that it is news that people will be interested in. Once you get people interested in your product or service then they will keep coming back.

Groups are one of the more popular ways to market on Facebook. If you create a group then you can add photos, videos and much more for people to look at. People will also have a discussion board that they can use to discuss the different things that they like or dislike about your product or company.

If you respond and are interactive with your fans you will thereby create a natural group, creating a very different form of marketing that people will appreciate. If people feel that they are being heard then they will be more likely to keep coming back to a certain product or company. Once you get them to keep coming back you have a regular customer base. For more marketing information on ways to market on Facebook and Facebook marketing tips, subscribe to my blog.

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Annetta Powell
Your Professional Success Coach

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