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Why Should You Create a Facebook Fan Page?Surely, Mark Zuckerberg has not only earned his spot in the World’s Richest People but also in the hearts of the entire population. Facebook has been such a necessary part of each individual’s life – be it personally or professionally.

Apart from it being the most convenient form of communication and self-expression, Facebook came up with a really helpful innovation to entrepreneurs and business owners, that is, the Facebook fan page.

So if you think that Facebook fan page is only beneficial to Hollywood stars and media personalities, then you are absolutely wrong. Facebook fan page works not only for the famous people but also for those who are starting their own line of business.

Facebook fan page allows site traffic. Facebook is now holding the crown for being the #1 Social Network in the US and one of the most visited sites all over the world. With over 70 million online visitors worldwide daily, you get a good number of potential customers/investors getting updated with your business. It allows users to comment, share, or like your posts. You can send your updates over to Twitter via the RSS feed using Twitterfeed, and even syndicating your information to other top-ranking websites. The new widget for your Facebook fan page also allows visitors to become a fan directly from your site. The fact that it gives visitors another way of returning indirectly to your website makes it a valuable feature.

Facebook fan page makes SEO better. You can pull social search to drive even more Facebook traffic back to your website by linking your Facebook fan page to it. Additionally, the contents of your Facebook fan page has the ability to generate favorable search engine results due to Google’s advanced feature that indexes content created on sites like Facebook, which can of course, do a lot of good for your business.

Facebook fan page enables you to connect with your customers for free. It provides a no-cost means of communication between you and your customers and potential clients. You can create your own branded Facebook fan page within a few minutes without the complications of HTML-based weblogs, wherein they can key in their inquiries and let you have instant transactions regardless of distance and time. You don’t need to pay for site maintenance fees at all!

Facebook fan page can deepen customer relations. Most consumers nowadays expect businesses to have their own Facebook fan pages where they can easily interact with one another. It allows you to build satisfying customer relationships since you can easily and quickly provide answers to their questions and update them about your business.

This is the perfect time to create your own Facebook fan page and discover the wonders it could do for you and your business. Keep it updated for better results. Opt for the best layout that Facebook could offer. Don’t just own a Facebook fan page but make it stand out from the rest as well. Remember, although social networks like this are business-friendly, it is also a place for competition, so might as well customize and update your Facebook fan page in ways that would keep people hitting it often. For more information on creating a Facebook fan pageand Facebook marketing tips, please subscribe to my blog.


Annetta Powell

Your Professional Success Coach

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